Be The Change Entertains for Challenge Day

The newly formed Hartland High School club raises money for middle school program.

Challenge Day at was an experience that many Hartland High School students say they won't forget. Sponsored by the Be The Change group at the middle school, the succes of the annual event is one of the reasons why some high school students decided to start a Be The Change club at the high school level as well. 

“I think it’s really important,” Hartland junior Tori Graves said. “Even if people don’t take a lot from it, it's still an experience that everyone remembers.” 

Challenge Day is a one-day program which usually includes guest speakers and it is designed to address and help students deal with problems they may be facing such as bullying, drug or alcohol use in the home, problems in school and other issues. 

“Challenge Day at the middle school was really cool,” Tori said. “And I know that’s its been getting more expensive because it’s becoming more popular-- which is really good-- but we just wanted to have the middle school to still have it.”

Last Friday afternoon, the Be The Change club that was recently formed this year, is sponsored by Hartland High School teacher James Storey and has 50 members. Approximately thirty members participated in their first fundraiser at where a dollar from each drink sold went to their cause. Money raised will go toward helping provide the guest speakers and other expenses for Challenge Day activities.

The club had seven musical acts perform, entertaining the crowd of supporters as well as educating them about Challenge Day.

“It (Challenge Day) teaches you to be your whole self,” one member of the club told the audience on Friday.

As one of the event organizers, Tori, who was a member of the Be The Change club in middle school as well, agreed.   

“There’s more to life, too, than just judging other people,” she said. “Just being yourself is totally okay, and it should be something that we’re used to.” 

The newly formed club at the high school is hoping to continue on with the positive messages that were given to them by teacher and club sponsor Rob Jellison at the middle school hoping to show younger students that there will be support and help even as they grow and change schools.

“We want them to know that this is a serious program,” Tori said. “And it's not just in middle school and then in high school everything changes. We kind of want to keep the support that the middle schools had and bring that to the high schools so they’ll feel safe.”

Greg Graves March 05, 2012 at 05:51 PM
We want to thank the following teachers and community members for their positive influence on the students of the "Be the Change club", Chuck Hughes, Steve Livingway, Rob Jellison, James Storey, Mike and Denise Bogues and Tatum Ryan from Hartland Patch. We thank them for the time they spent helping the students with their newly formed club and the event at Biggby. The event was a success and it gave the students a chance to learn that they can make a difference with the help of their community. The club will continue with the Challenge Day goal of having a place for students to feel safe, loved and celebrated! Greg & Callie Graves


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