Hartland Boy Turns Twelve on 12/12/12

Colin Krueger admits that having a unique birthday is "pretty cool."

With his shaggy hair and crooked grin, no one has to tell Hartland sixth-grader Colin Krueger that he is special, he already knows.

But turning twelve on 12/12/12 just adds to the long list of things that are unique to the Farms Intermediate student.

“All my birthdays are special,” Colin said, “but yeah, this one is pretty cool.”

It was only a few weeks ago that Colin said he put all the numbers together and realized the signficance of turning twelve on his birthday.

"My parents already knew it," he said. "They just let me figure it out on my own."

Being one of the rare kids to have the honor of such a unique birthday, Colin admits he is excited to be one of them, but says he is even more excited for his birthday party with friends. 

“There’s going to be three themes,” he said. “The number 12, Bowser from Mario (Nintendo) and penguins.”

And in honor of Colin turning twelve on 12/12/12, he shared twelve fun facts about himself.

  1. Favorite color: Green
  2. Favorite animal: Penguins
  3. Favorite sports team: University of Michigan
  4. Favorite subject: Science
  5. Favorite car: 
  6. Favorite Olympic athlete: Michael Phelps
  7. Favorite thing you ate today: Apple
  8. Favorite thing your Mom said to you: “We’re going to do Laser Tag for your birthday."
  9. Favorite memory of your Dad: “Christmas- when he got us a plasma TV that he really wanted.”
  10. Favorite person in your family: Me
  11. Favorite vacation: Alabama
  12. Favorite word of the year: Me
Judy Trudeau December 12, 2012 at 08:18 PM
Fun with numbers! On 10-11-12 my niece turned 13!
Angela December 13, 2012 at 03:02 AM
How awesome! Happy Birthday, Colin!


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