Hartland Shows Warm Heart During Cold Storm

Hartland shares their heartwarming community stories during the cold days of a winter snow storm.

As the community of Hartland became engulfed in the "Polar Vortex," many local neighbors showed what a caring community looks like as they reached out, providing help, comfort and an extra hand to those in need.

From simple acts like helping to shovel a neighbors sidewalk to heartwarming stories of people braving the streets to bring medicine to a baby, Hartland once again proved what a special, caring and helpful community it is.

Hartland resident Sarah Cormer was the first to reach out to Hartland Patch through an email providing details of her situation.

"So thankful for our community who brought meds and an O2 monitor to my 3 month old son with RSV," Cromer wrote. "Also would like to recognize Variety Farms for plowing Hartland Country Club out of the pure kindness in their hearts!! What a great community!! Thank you Hartland!"

On the Hartland Patch Facebook, several people added their thanks on Monday, recognizing other acts of kindness during the long days following the winter storm.
  • Patti Hall wrote: "Thank you to my neighbor, Chris Gavitt for plowing our driveway while we were at work!"
  • Donna Dykstra Bacon wrote: "I would like to thank my son Rob Heidt who keeps coming over and snow blowing our drive walk and in the front of mailbox. Rob, you are a great son so very proud of you. Thank you very much Love Mom and Dad."
  • Karen Fisher Dudek wrote: Karl Hamina for helping to push our car out of the snow bank and then plowed out our whole driveway....Thank you Karl and Debbie Hamina!
Have someone you want to thank for their efforts during the winter storm? Tell us in comments.


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