Finders Keepers Brings Eclectic Home Decor Items to Hartland

New consignment store replaces space occupied by Doodles.

The key to decorating, according to Elaine Boria the new owner of , is to be brave. That is the advice the Milford resident gives to her clients and customers when decorating their home or space.

“I think everything goes with everything,” Boria said. “I think all colors can go together, all styles can go together. And I think that, especially people who think they can’t decorate, if they would just put together what they like, it all goes together.”

Walking in to the new chic, consignment store in the recently in the Fountain Square Plaza, Boria shows off her talent for being brave in her design choices and displays her talent of decorating as well.

“When I was a little girl, I would figure out how to cover up a record player with fabric,” Boria said. “I just always had the knack.”

As she grew older, Boria continued to dabble with interior decorating and even worked as a house stager for people looking to sell their homes. She says her clients would always be amazed at what she was able to do with items from their own home.

“They question what their style is and I would say, who knows? Do you like it? Then that’s your style," Boria said. "That's where the funky edge comes from."

Finders Keepers, which opened in mid November, was originally filled with all of the eclectic items for sale coming from Boria’s own personal stash, which was one of the reasons why she finally decided to open up her own place.

“My husband used to say, I think you’re a hoarder," Boria said. "And I would say, no — a hoarder is garbage. I have nice things, I’m a collector. There’s a difference.”

Opening their own store

Boria and her husband, Jeff, also refinish and re-invent furniture and already have had great success selling their pieces to local downtown stores in Milford. The couple, however, along with their three adult children, decided it was time to sell their own stock, at much lower prices, in their own store and have fun while they were doing it.

Turning the former ice cream parlor into a warm and comfortable shopping environment is due to the hard work of her family, according to Boria. The ideas, however, on how to create a satisfying and customer-centered atmosphere are Boria's. Personalized embroidery, free coffee from on Saturdays and complimentary wine-tasting nights are just some ideas that have, according to Boria, she aims to have a big success with her target audience.

"I appreciate high-maintenance women," Boria said. "I think there’s a lot to be said about them. We work hard, we raised families and we dealt with husbands. We work and if we’re at home we’re probably working harder, so why not surround ourselves with beautiful things?"

A mish-mash of unique items, one-of-a-kind accessories and high–quality second-hand furniture in a fun and relaxed setting is Boria’s goal with her new shop.

“I don’t want a musty thrift shop,” Boria said. “I want unusual items. I want things that people say, where on Earth did you get that? Where did this come from?”

The answer of where the items came from is locally, as much as possible anyway according to Boria, who has been focusing on finding and selling as much local art as possible.

“I’m trying really hard ‘cause all these people have such talent and you can get it right here,” Boria said of the artists she has found so far which include an 80-year-old woman who makes lampshades out of wedding dresses.

“I want unusual items and things that are fun and unique,” Boria said. “And I want things for people that have everything.”

Consignment focus

Finders Keepers is also a consignment store with new, high-quality inventory coming in regularly. The store will never look the same twice, according to Boria, who has a workroom set up in the back where her and her husband restore certain pieces that will eventually make it onto the showroom floor.

“I am definitely looking for consigners,” said Boria who explains that consigners are a great way to supply more of the original and unique pieces she is looking to highlight in her store. 

Just in time for the holiday shopping to begin, Boria has plans for a Black Friday sales event that includes 20 percent off all decorative roosters and chickens around the store.

Finders Keepers is open seven days week from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Christmas with possible hour changes after the holiday season.

For more information on consignment opportunities, call 248-762-3246 or email finderskeepershomedecor@gmail.com.


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