New Massage Therapist Finds Perfect Fit in Hartland

Creative Healing Massage and Body Work moves in above the Michigan Rehabilitation Specialist.

With 18 years of experience in massage therapy, Michelle Englehart, owner of Creative Healing Massage and Body Work, says she is excited to be re-locating her business to the Hartland area.

Moving her business from the Fenton area, Engelhart says she was looking for a convenient location for some of her established clientele as well as new patients.

The new office opened in March and is located on the second floor of the  building located at 10860 Highland Rd. 

“It’s a great location because its close to the expressway,” said Engelhart, who is from Milford. "A lot of my clients from the Fenton area commute, so this is convienent."

When she was scouting out locations for her new business spot, Engelhart says that working closely with Michigan Rehabilitation owner Jouni Mantyla and his staff seemed like the perfect fit.

“I could tell by the dynamics downstairs that the patients are happy,” Engelhart said. “There’s a great energy and just in reviewing their website, their philosophy and how they treat their patients is right on line with how I treat my patients. I treat my patients like we’re a team.”

With a background in physical therapy, Engelhart says there is a synergy between the two fields, which makes them work well with each other, helping to serve the needs of their clients.

“I absolutely, love and believe in PT (physical therapy),” Engelhart said. “And if we’re not getting the results that I feel they could be achieving, I will refer them to PT, or to a chiropractor or acupuncture, or other things that might help them.”

Offering services such as cranio sacral therapy, myofascial release, sports enhancement and prenatal and pediatric sessions, Engelhart says that her work is therapeutically based to fit the needs of all her patients.

“I utilize an eclectic blend of many things to personalize and fit what the clients needs are,” she said. “Our bodies are constantly changing and what you’re going to need from session to session is going to change and its up to me to do what’s going to be the right fit for you at that time.”

Eventually, Englehart hopes to start using her space for classes such as couples massage, accupuncture, yoga or even spa nights. 

"I'm open to requests," she said for anyone looking for more information on different areas. "I have contacts in many different fields."

Englehart is still splitting time at her Fenton location until her transition is complete and then will be in Hartland full-time starting in June.

Hours are by appointment with sessions beginning at 8:30 a.m. through 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. Some Saturday appointments are also available.

Call 810-287-6499 to make your appointment.


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