Popular Dog Grooming Business Moves Locations

Animal Crackers Pet Salon will also now provide doggy day care and kennel services.

Walking through the signature, lavender door of the former , clients dropping off their dogs to be groomed were greeted by the familiar sight of dogs, large and small, roaming freely around the back areas, patiently waiting for their turn.

“It just made more sense for me to do a free-roam environment 'cause the dogs were so happy,” owner Kelly McPerson said, who opened her purple doors four years ago. “I was only doing it to minimize the barking and the stress level of the dog-- and it was equally for them, as it was for me. 

“It evolved as a niche,” she said. “Clients love it.”

McPherson, who has recently taken her small grooming business, formerly located at 9500 E Highland Rd and moved to a larger location behind at 1100 North Old US 23 in Hartland says she is excited to continue to provide quality care at affordable prices.

“Although we provide a great service,” McPherson said. “I am notorious for being very competitive with my pricing- I always give more bang for your buck. I want this to be a luxury everyone can afford, an affordable luxury.”

Keeping her popular business model of free-roam for her grooming clients, McPherson has also expanded her business to also include a doggy day care and kennel business.

The new building, which includes indoor and outdoor facilities for housing her guests, will include McPherson’s signature fun wall colors and light-hearted style to welcome her clients. 

“I wanted it to have a preschool feel,” said McPherson who is hoping to eventually offer obedience classes and other training for dogs as well.

Her staff, as well, has been chosen carefully by McPherson and says that many of her trained employees would be ones people would feel comfortable leaving their kids with as well.

“I try to hire very quality staff,” McPherson said. “For me, it’s always been important to 'wow' people with my staff, my environment and our care. We give way more than the average grooming salon does."

Her new services will also include providing the extra touches for her clients, according to McPherson, who plans to treat her animals that are in the kennel or doggy day care animals as a school setting with games, snacks and individual attention. 

"There will be bubbles," she said. 

There will also be a large outdoor fenced in yard with real grass, which is something her competitor does not use, according to McPherson.  

Construction is still being completed on the 6-foot privacy fenced-in yard as well as a painted mural on the wall and webcams. McPherson says that everything should be completed in three weeks but is already taking reservations for big upcoming holiday weekends such as the Fourth of July.

McPherson credits her successful business and her expansion plans to her loyal client base.

"It's so amazing people are so loyal and that's what I love about this area," she said. "My clients have become such good friends and they have supported me all along. If there was any time that I doubted myself, they never doubted me. 

"They kept the momentum going and kept encouraging me to do it," McPherson said.

For kennel reservations or for grooming or doggy day care services, call 810-632-3344. Doggy day care hours are from 7 a.m.- 7 p.m. Mon- Fri. 

kelly mcpherson May 04, 2012 at 09:38 PM
Hi Amy Thanks so much not sure if this is Brady's owner or Sloan but either way thank you, thank you!!
kelly mcpherson May 05, 2012 at 02:03 AM
Hi Michele, Thanks so much for your support!!!
thestaks May 06, 2012 at 07:22 PM
I was so upset when I saw that you were moving out - But so excited when I read about the new salon - cant wait for Daisy to see the new place - you and your staff are wonderful with the animals and we get such a huge bang for our buck!!! Congrats on the success!!
Christy May 06, 2012 at 11:23 PM
I suggest this dog salon to all my friends! Thanks for taking care of our baby when we were away. Chris & Christy from "the laundry room"
kelly mcpherson May 08, 2012 at 01:28 PM
Thank you so much for all of your support!! Hartland is such an amazing community. I am so thankful to live here and be part of this amazing family!! Kelly


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