Small Business Owners: Get Featured on Hartland Patch

Meet some of the local business owners around town and help support small businesses.

Meet Elaine Boria, owner of Finders Keepers Home Decor located at 10000 Highland Road.

The Milford resident shares some interesting facts about her and her business.

  1. I celebrated my first anniversary of my business on Nov. 17 by signing an additional 3 year lease, thanks to all of you wonderful customers.
  2. Regardless of where my merchandise originated, 100 percent of it comes from local people and businesses.
  3. My daughter Melanie, is an Auto Show Model nation wide. I'll be joining her in L.A. in about a week, so be patient with my boys running the shop.
  4. When I do in home decor styling, I insist that my clients, don't change anything for 21 days (3 weeks).
  5. My son, Devin, who works here at the shop on Saturdays, is a four-time State wrestling champion and my oldest son, Aaron, is an Attorney. I just styled his office in Plymouth.
  6. In the early 80's I was the personal trainer for the Dearborn Police Dept. (I really need to start exercising again). I was hired to begin training the Detroit Lions, only to find out I was expecting my second child.

If you are a small business owner who wants to be featured on Hartland Patch, send me a message at tatum.ryan@patch.com.

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