UPDATED: Take a Virtual Tour of Hartland's Scarecrows

Heritage Day contest received 20 entries.

There might be a few more late entries but as of Thursday there were almost 20 in the first-ever Hartland Heritage Day scacecrow contest.

Themes ranged from historical () and poignant () to focusing what the business does in a creative way ().

These past seven days at Hartland Patch we told the story behind all these scarecrows, including . And to help you vote in the contest, we'd thought we'd put them all in one place with photos and links. We also have our own informal poll. (See below).

How to vote

If you'd like to vote in the heritage day scarecrow contest, you can vote at , the or email info@hartlandchamber.org or cmarlow@comaine.org. Votes must be received by Friday, Sept. 16. Winners will be announced around noon at the chamber Saturday, Sept. 17, on heritage day. Vote categories are: most interesting, most historic or most colorful.

Heritage Day contest entries

Entry Location 10006 Highland Rd 10087 Highland Rd 10587 Highland Rd 1818 Old N. US 23
1780 N. Old US 23 3688 N. Hartland Rd 10000 Highland Rd 3505 Avon St
10112 Highland Rd
3508 Avon St
3205 Hartland Rd
3688 N. Hartland Rd 2532 N. Old US 23 See
11499 Highland Rd 3508 Avon St 1836 N. Old US 23 10002 Highland Rd 2975 N Old U.S. 23 11750 Highland Rd

Where's Patches?

You can enter a drawing to win a $25 gift card to by being the first to tell us on our website where Hartland Patch's scarecrow is today. On Thursday, he was at the and Alex Cushing correctly pointed it out, so he's the sixth in the drawing. There is one more chance to get in.

Click for complete contest rules.

Editor's note: We've added a late entry from Best Western on Friday.


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