Hartland Jewelers Say Show Some Appreciation and Love this Valentine's Day

Staff from F.A.O. Jewelers share their advice on why not to miss the chance to spoil your Valentine this year.

While some people may consider Valentine’s Day just to be another Hallmark holiday, after years of selling jewelry to happy couples, F.A.O. Jewelry storeowner Lisa Okoniewski says there is something to be said for recognizing the day of love.

“In today’s day an age, what every woman wants to know is they’re appreciated,” Okoniewski said. “And it’s that little token- it doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. Something as simple as a card or it can be as significant as a pair of huge diamond studs (earrings) because he wants to let everyone know that she’s appreciated.” 

Showing appreciation, being considerate and remembering to give a small token are all lessons Okoniewski says she has learned over the years from many of her older, happily married clients.

“They’re always helpful with words of wisdom and keeping up a strong relationship,” she said. 

Duty, respect and responsibilty are common trademarks of the older generation who visit her store to buy gifts for their spouses, and Okoniewski says that she enjoys listening to her clients talk about their marriages and spouses.

"And then we go home and tell our husbands about the wonderful old couple who has never missed Valentine’s Day," she said laughing. "And then we think, darn it, our husbands aren't like that."

Some women, however, are more vocal about their expectations of receiving a gift on a day that was created to show love and respect.

“I don’t let my husband get away with forgetting, I’ll admit it,” Kris Danner of Highland said laughing. “If you don’t remember, I will make your life miserable. Spoil me or suffer.”

Although Danner admits that she and her husband of 22 years do consider Valentine’s Day a “Hallmark holiday,” she also says she enjoys knowing that her spouse took the time to pick her out something special, whether it’s jewelry, flowers or dinner.

“He always picks out his own gifts,” Danner said.

A simple act that is also greatly appreciated by the women working behind the counter at F.A.O. The staff says they are amazed that more men don't realize the power a small gift has or how many benefits there are to remembering Valentine's Day. 

“If they would realize what even a small thought- what that does- every man would be in here buying jewelry,” F.A.O. employee Michelle Leslie said. 

Leslie says it's the small ways of showing someone you thought of them that can have a huge impact on a relationship.

She also reminds everyone that Valentine's Day isn't just a “one-way holiday” and women should remember to recognize the day as well- even if it's small, simple or silly.

“It’s the little things but the fun things," Leslie said. "Like one year, I bought a heart-shaped fried egg maker."


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