Let me introduce myself

The Beginnings of the Lice Lady.

On the advice of many, I have decided that maybe some of my adventures with lice might add a little humor, a little advice, and a little relief from this wonderful little "condition."

First, let me introduce myself.  I am known as "The Lice Lady."  I actually became the Lice Lady a little over 4 years ago when we caught lice and there was NO ONE to help me.  Sure I had friends who said, "Throw out everything." But let's face it folks.  Many of us don't have thousands to spend on outfitting our homes. 

I am normally a very even tempered person (my kids and husband may state otherwise) .  But the night I found lice you wouldn't have recognized me.  I was that crazy person who screamed, threw a temper tantrum, and broke all speed limits to go get the chemicals hoping that napalm was sold in her local CVS store.  I don't think even the cops would have stopped me that night.  Of course it didn't help matters that my daughter had to be in Beaumont the next morning for a tibial spine fracture repair. Oh yes and my son was sleeping at my best friend's house, who incidentally, was pregnant with her 4th child.  I am such a nice friend!  Of course my son was riddled with them as well.  Oh did I mention that I found it when I pulled bugs out of my own head?  I had been telling my son for days that he was imagining he had lice.  No wonder to this day he never trusts anything I say! Then again, he is a teenager.

I did everything I could to get those things out of my house.  I got really familiar with my vacuum cleaner and all its attachments.  My dogs were grateful that I didn't shave them bald although some days I still contemplate it due to the dog hair.  My washing machine did eventually have to be replaced.  Something about trying to wash many pillows with an agitator that sent it off kilter too many times to count and yes I actually blew a fuse (yes, we still have some fuses in my house).  I didn't have to torch the curtains, although I still think about doing that sometimes to the ones in my family room. 

My kids and husband managed to survive the ordeal too.  My son isn't exactly geeked at his mother being the Lice Lady.  But my daughter thinks it's cool because she gets all kinds of playdates and also manages to score mother's helper gigs.  My husband just usually shakes his head when it comes to my little enterprise.  I think he figures it's a phase. Or maybe he hopes it will be.  All I know is that I love what I do!

Thanks for letting me write. 

Next time:  Seriously the story of how I got my name with a few little fun stories thrown in.

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R Gibson June 14, 2012 at 07:07 PM
Dear Lice Lady; great column. We had an issue a few years ago. Our girls were invited to a bday party at one of these indoor inflatable places. All the kids winter coats went into a super duper laundry hamper and we were sent on their way. A few days later we found our first nit and bug. It was right after xmas and all the new toys and clothes were put in the garage for 2 weeks in plastic bags. All the bedding was washed in Hot Hot Water. The Vacuum never stopped. I believe we had 2 reasons for our success. One was the removal of everything that was not needed to the garage and in plastic bags for 2 weeks. 2nd was nightly, hair exams. My wife and I would take turns, with magnifying glasses perched on our noses and a bright flashlight, we went through everybodys hair, strand by strand. We used the comb, we used the pesticide stuff, and eventually we got rid of them. While everyone says, it isn't a hygiene issue, it is. Check your kids regularily. If you have girls with long hair keep it up. And if you kids are sent home because they have them, don't think you can just wash their hair the one time and they will go away. Keep you kids at home until you are sure they are not infected, don't expose everyone else until you have dealt with your family's issue. I can't tell you how many times parents have sent their kids back to school the next day and they are still infected. When in doubt, go see your ped.
Janice Rex-Weaver June 19, 2012 at 10:03 PM
Courtenay - yes, this is one of those little things that no one talks about, yet just about everyone goes through. I would have helped you if I would have known you at the time!!! I decided to meet it head on (pun intended) - we used oil and shower caps and tons of combing looooooong blond hair. It worked. I work very hard at not getting scared when the lice notice comes home.......I know the more I am scared of those little buggers.......the easier it is for them to find their way home to us!
Courteney Gettel June 19, 2012 at 10:20 PM
Thank you both for your comments. This will be an ongoing saga as I think people need to see that this problem can be handled efficiently (given the correct tools) and also one can have a sense of humour about the whole thing. As for cures, well I will slowly reveal how I managed to get it gone quickly and have never had it back again. Thanks again and I hope you keep reading!


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