Barbershop Singers Spread the Love in Hartland

Singers from the Myxt Ryte group perform for customers and staff at Hartland Flowers for Valentine's Day.

With extra staff, phones constantly ringing and orders rapidly being filled, Valentine's Day has hit Hartland in full force and Hartland Flowers is busy helping their customers prepare for the day.

A few lucky customers of the local flower shop were able to enjoy a few minutes of song this morning as the barbershop quartet, Myxt Ryte, from the Livingston Lamplighters dropped in to help spread the love.

One such customer was Katie Boldt, 22, who had stopped in to pick out flowers for her parent's anniversary. A day she says, a freak snowstorm blew through town on Valentine’s Day but couldn't ruin Wendy and Jerry Boldt's wedding day 26 years ago.

According to Boldt, while most residents were probably tucked up in their homes, waiting out the bad weather, the wedding hall was overflowing with guests who had braved the unexpected storm.

“My grandma told her that no one would go to the wedding, they would go to reception,” Boldt said with a small grin. “But the wedding hall was so packed they’re were people who had to stand it was so crowded. And everyone went to the reception, too.”

Three kids and more than two decades later, Boldt says her parents are still happily married and even though it is Valentine’s Day, their daughter says they consider it to be their day.

And while it’s an anniversary their children are never able to forget - along with the story of their wedding day- Boldt says she uses her parents long and happy marriage as an example of what she wants while looking for her own Valentine.

“They just love each other,” she said. “I want something like that.”

Still looking to place your flower order at Hartland Flowers? The local flower shop will be offering its customers drive-by service for all prepaid orders where customers can pick up their orders at the back entrance to avoid parking issues at Fountain Square.

Call 810-632-0632 for more information or to place an order.


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