Snapshots tell the story...

Let your images tell a story.

I truly believe the best images are the one's that tell a story to anyone looking at them.  Sometimes theses moments happen so quickly you have to whip your camera up to catch it before it's gone.  They aren't easy to catch but when you get them, you never forget that moment.  It makes an amazing impact on everyone who sees it. 

I had to re-teach myself to take snapshots of my family.   To embrace the snapshot.   I realized I was missing out on so much expecting perfection out of every image.  My kids hated having their pics taken and I was getting frustrated with them as well.  I know it is hard being a photographer's kids.  I hear stories at every workshop I teach from photographers not being able to capture their own children.   My children and I get a long much better now when we are out.  I have my camera in tow, but don't have any expectations.  Not only is everyone much happier, I am getting some truly fun shots where you can feel the delight in every image. 

Go out and shoot. They don’t have to be calculated, beautiful perfectly posed images, sometimes they just need to be snap shots of your kids playing together, the road trip with close friends, the weekend getaway to the Mackinac Island, or your daughter's 10th birthday.  When they are adults,  they will appreciate those a little more.   How many times have you said as a grown up: “Remember that day we all got dressed up and went and got those beautiful family portraits?”   We are more likely to look at the pictures of camping and say: “WOW! Remember when we up at the cottage and we were playing the creek?  Talking loud with British accents and everyone believed we were?? I’m so glad Mom got a picture of that…..best weekend ever…..”

I know as a photographer it's hard.  I forget to just shoot it. Shoot the fun stuff. Shoot the cute things my kids do. Shoot the school plays and the field day events, and don’t worry if it isn’t perfect.  The more you get into photography the harder it is.  You need to make sure you never forget, it’s your life with your family, remember the fun! 

I have moved this thought process into my business as well.  I like to photograph my cliens as they truly are.   I like to wait for the breaks and take some pics they don't remember me taking.  The more relaxed, simple moment in time images that you treasure forever.

Please remember:   It is important to know your camera.  Do not depend on your camera to know what you want it to do.  Learn to control it and make it do what you want.  Photography classes and workshops are great.  But make sure you take classes from someone who shoots the way you want to. 

For more information on my work and photography classes, visit www.footprintsphotography.com

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Christy Miller June 19, 2012 at 02:21 AM
Erin, I heard you were doing a blog on here. So glad to read it. I hope you and your beautiful family are doing well. I nominated you for the best photographer in Hartland. Best there is actually. I still look at the photographs of Tyler everyday. Thank you so much for everything. I know I have told you over and over but you really are an angel here on earth. Thank you so much for your kindness,


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