Life Passages...

Casting process and new experiences.

Oh, the various life passages, experiences and expectations we need to help our kids prepare for.  I was discussing with some friends the other day about the difference phases and experiences our children would be going through over the coming years.  Phases and life passages that we need to help our children progress through and allow them to pass through without interfering too much because each life lesson is important no matter how large or small.  For us personally, I knew that the lesson of disappointment related to performing had to present itself soon and I wasn't sure how that disappointment would be handled by Austin.   
So, Austin waited eagerly to learn what role he might get in the play he recently auditioned for.  We were all pretty certain that with all his acting experience he was sure to get something even if it was just a minor role. Perhaps we were just a bit too overconfident.  As I searched the cast list around 2:00, my heart sank a little cause Austin's name wasn't on there. It sank more because I knew I was not going to be with him when he found out for himself that he didn't get a part.  As I sat in the hospital waiting for my husband to have his outpatient test, I fretted about what I should do about letting Austin know he didn't get a part.  Austin has never not received even a minor role in whatever play he auditioned for so this was going to be a new experience for him.  To experience the disappointment personally and then have to respond to questioning friends at school was going to be a new phase for Austin.  But to have him learn about it without me there with him was a struggle for me.  So I texted the mom who was picking Austin up and warned her that Austin would likely ask to drive by the where the cast would be posted after school and what he would discovered.  I left it up to her what she wanted to do. 
But, I began to have a little bit of an inkling of what response his friends might have as my cell phone was flashing with texted messages from surprised friends who had just viewed the cast list themselves;  asking me what I thought happened.  Well when you have been in both amateur and professional productions you know there are always a range of reasons.  It doesn't mean the actor wasn't good or well prepared, it could just mean they didn't have the look the director was seeking or it could have simply been that the casting committee was concerned that possible conflict schedules could be an issue even if assured by the actor that theatre was a priority.  I wasn't really concerned about the reason Austin wasn't cast because I knew he did the best he could, nor was I upset.  I also knew that, was one activity I didn't have to worry about possibly being interrupted by the film project Austin was just called back for in January; because we still didn't know the filming schedule for that yet.  I also knew this opened him up to go for a role in another play he is interested in a few months down the road. 
I was please to learn, after we left the hospital, that Austin did have our friend take him to the see the cast list and that he handled the disappointment very well.  I really was worried for no reason because Austin did know he did the best he could though he admitted to me when we final got home to him the he was a bit sad though he realized that it just meant God must have something even more fun or important planned for the next two and half months.  I could stop worrying about Austin. 

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