25 Things a Dad Should Show His Son

A list of 25 things every dad should do with his son before he's grown.

In honor of the approaching Father's Day, here's a warm and fuzzy list every father should consider to complete with his son. 

  1. Tie a tie. It’s the start to his life as a man.
  2. Go fishing. All boys should know how to fish. Plus it’s an essential memory for fathers and sons.
  3. Watch a sporting game. Football, baseball, soccer, hockey or other. As long as he learns to appreciate the sport.
  4. Ride a bike. Because all his friends will know how.
  5. Change a tire. Makes all the difference.
  6. Shave. Nothing more smile-worthy than a dad teaching his son to shave. Even if his son’s only five.
  7. Play catch. Boys are born with the instinct to throw balls. So its only natural that dads share the technique.
  8. Treat girls. His preschool girlfriend, prom date, future wife, sister or mom. He should always be a gentleman.
  9. The difference between a screwdriver and a Phillips. He’ll need this to survive.
  10. Build a fort. In the trees. Under the table. Or both.
  11. Throw a football. Because all real men can, right?
  12. Ice skate. Or roller skate. As long as he learns the technique.
  13. Build a fire. It’s a man thing.
  14. Polish his shoes and iron a shirt. One day he’ll have a real job. And he’ll already  look the part.
  15. Cut the grass. Ah, the duties of a husband.
  16. Enjoy a hobby. Golf, racecars, monster trucks, football or dirt bikes. As long as he sees the value of following a pastime.
  17. Care for a pet. He’ll want a frog, dog, snake or similar pet. And he’ll need to learn the responsibilities that come with it.
  18. Fix something. The car, a broken toy, the dishwasher or whatever. He must see that things can be fixed. And shouldn’t always be replaced.
  19. Make a paper airplane. Because it’s a boy thing.
  20. Whistle. While you work.
  21. Drive a car. It’s just what men like to do.
  22. Play in the mud. Then wash up well. It’s important to have fun getting dirty, but it’s just as important to appreciate cleanliness. 
  23. Achieve happiness. Teach the importance of setting and reaching goals. And to always be himself.
  24. Build a Pinewood derby car. Because he’ll never forget it.
  25. How to be a good dad. One day he’ll have his own kids. And he’ll know just what to do.

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Don Wyatt June 18, 2012 at 03:53 PM
Love your suggestions. My boys are teens now, but there are a few things on the list that I need to revisit. (changing tire!) Thanks for the reminder!
Leah Borst June 19, 2012 at 05:34 PM
Probably some of the best advice I've heard! Thanks for your comment, Lenny. I'm sure you could create a list of things to do before they leave for college or buy their first house... looking forward to watching my children grown into their dreams :)
Leah Borst June 19, 2012 at 05:39 PM
Love it!! Hoping more dads out there feel the exact same way. As the mother to a baby girl, I thank you for raising another gentleman!
Leah Borst June 19, 2012 at 05:45 PM
Thanks, Don! Glad I can still inspire seasoned parents, although I'm sure there's plenty us newbies could learn from you! Every age is a new journey, right?
Leah Borst June 19, 2012 at 05:47 PM
Amazing insight. The daughter of a retired school teacher/principal, you think I would have mentioned the importance of education? I sense a "25 Things to Teach Kids Before They Leave Home" article here....


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