5 Things to Do with Children After a Snowfall

There's always the standard snowmen and snow angels. But you also can turn the snow into artwork with some food dye or bring it inside for some not-so-cold fun.

With large snow predictions headed our way, Hartland students may have another Snow Day on Friday and some children may be anticipating a free day to play outside or just hang out at home.

If the snow does comes, here are five things that can help parents occupy little minds for hours. Or at least a few minutes. 

  1. Snow Painting. Visit any of the city’s drugstores or dollar stores and pick up a few spray bottles (they are usually found in the beauty supply area). Fill the bottles with tap water and your favorite shades of food coloring. The darker you make the mix, the better it will show up in the snow. Head outside and let your children express their artistic vision on the blank snow canvas. Children of all ages will enjoy this, and many adults will, too.
  2. Make Snow Angels. There is something freeing about falling back into the white fluff and looking up at the sky while doing a jumping jack. If you can stand up without trampling your impression, you will have created a masterpiece. Make different silhouettes by lying down in different positions. Try lying on your side, or swirling your arms and legs instead of sliding. You will be surprised to see what different shapes you can make. 
  3. Make Snow People. There is no limit to the type of snow sculptures you can create. You may make a traditional snowman. You could make a family to go with your snowman.
  4. Bring Snow Inside. If the temperature is too frigid, or you don’t feel like wrestling on all of the snow gear required to stay warm outside, bring the snow inside. Fill cake pans and soup pots with snow. Use cooking utensils such as ladles, ice cream scoops and potato mashers to explore the snow. Spoons, forks and toothpicks also are great to use in the snow. Add toy figurines (as long as they are OK to get wet) to create a mini winter wonderland. The fun of playing inside with snow will last as long as the snow does.
  5. Make Snow Ice Cream. When you are hungry from all of your playing in the snow, fill up with  snow ice cream. Collect 5 cups of clean snow in a large mixing bowl. Avoid yellow snow or dirt. Add 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of sugar, and 1 tsp. of vanilla. Mix all of the ingredients until blended. You can adjust ingredients to taste, and also add new ingredients to suit your taste.  Strawberries, chocolate chips or sprinkles can spice up your snow ice cream.


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