Local Hunting Preserve Draws Support, Questions from Hartland Readers

Hartland readers inform about ammunition used for bird hunting, others question having hunting allowed during school days. What are your thoughts?

After a story regarding the proximity of the Variety Farms Game Preserve to Round Elementary School, several Patch readers wrote in defense of the preserve. 

"I have hunted at Variety Farms with my son and friends and as it states in your story that Variety Farms is a Bird hunting preserve," Scott Tobel wrote. "The McDevitt family found a bullet that hit there home. Well this is an unfortunate incident by all means, but I have been upland bird hunting for well over 30 years and there is no hunter out there that loads there weapon with a round that carries a bullet. 

"Bird hunting weapons consisting of a shotgun with BB's in the shell with a maximum range of 100 yds or less. A weapon that shoots a bullet can be fired from anywhere from a few yards to several Miles away," Tobel commented.

Hartland reader Barry Tackett agreed with Tobel writing, "the state law is you can't discharge a firearm within 400 feet of an occupied structure (this may not be the exact wording on the law), as stated by Mr. Tobel, this is a facility for bird hunting, and this activity is done primarily with a firearm with a maximum range of around 300 feet (approx). At 400 feet I don't think any appropriate loading for any bird hunting would have enough power to bruise a peach. And to further add to the argument, Variety farms mandates steel shot only, steel shot is lighter than lead shot and loses energy much faster. 

As long as Variety farms stays within the state law, and continues to use steel shot I don't see where there is a problem," Tackett continued. "Before people start blaming firearms, they need to get more information on the real problem, where was the "bullet" found? what caliber is it? etc.  

"If the bullet was found in the north side of a house that is on the north side of the road (Round school is on the south side, Variety shares a common border to the schools south) then the "bullet" could not have come from the farm, just to the west, on the north side of the road, just a few summers ago, someone was conducting CPL classes, including live fire training, from their home. Could the bullet have come from there?" Tackett wrote. "Too many unanswered questions to do anything but inflame the uninformed."

However, Kristine S. wrote that she was unaware of the game preserves location and questioned the possibilty of not allowing hunting on school days.

"I never knew this was there and so close to the school & playground. I went to the Round school & now my daughter goes," she wrote. "Why can't they simply not allow hunting while school is in session? I think the safety of our kids is more important than an activity done for fun. I understand that most hunters probably respect the boundaries and are careful, but we all know all it fakes is one person who doesn't care to follow the rules.

"How unfortunate and tragic would it be if it took a child being injured or killed to make the change occurr?! Everyone needs to be reasonable and make compromises to ensure the kids are safe," she wrote. 

joe smoe February 07, 2013 at 09:44 PM
After having read this article, l was astounded at the the MANY grammar and punctuation errors. The errors were more of the theme of the article than was the article itself. Was it written and or proof read by a 3rd grader? Quite embarrassing.
Tatum Ryan February 07, 2013 at 10:41 PM
Hi Joe- Thank you for the comment. This story pulled comments from readers left on a previous story. There were small corrections made to the original comments, but editing was kept at a minimum on purpose.
joe smoe February 07, 2013 at 10:45 PM
Small corrections made? Try making LARGE corrections. Scarey when adults can't construct simple sentences. Then kids read the mistakes and carry on the "dumbing down of America".
NotLazy February 08, 2013 at 12:20 PM
Joe, Before criticizing others, look within, it could be a "scary" reveal!
Barry Tackett February 08, 2013 at 06:49 PM
Mr. Smoe, At least I have the courage to leave my real name when I comment on something! Rather than attempting to make yourself feel superior to others by using blind criticism, why not shut up and learn something, then you will have a reason to feel better about yourself. I have always found it amazing that people that are so publicly "self-righteous" about (fill in the blank) are often the worst offenders. Ms. Ryan, Thank you for your efforts in writing this article, as I stated earlier I think it's a little light on information needed to create an educated opinion, but I don't think that is uncommon in today's news reporting. Please continue to attempt to educate the readers of the patch.


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