Patch Readers Respond to Livingston County Oddities

Brighton and Hartland Patch readers share their thoughts on strange lights in the night sky and reasons for radio static.

Admit it - we've all seen or heard strange things that we can't always rationalize.

Whether it's an out-of-body experience, UFO sightings or even a ghost, the question remains 'is there a reasonable explanation for this?'

So Brighton and Hartland Patch decided to turn the question over to our readers when we heard about strange parallel flickering, floating lights over Howell on Wednesday night.

Hartland Patch Facebook user Amy Biehn took the practical approach.

"Last year we saw bunches of them around the Hartland area," she said. "They were clearly lanterns. Of course, I did not see these lights last night."

John Angelo Moraitis had a different idea.

"Aliens, defiantly Aliens," he wrote.

Brighton Patch Facebook users believed the lights to be some type of aircraft, possibly even military.

Brighton Patch sometime contributor Tom Tolen said a helicopter landed, and later took off from Brighton Airport on Hyne Road Wednesday night - and that it appeared to be a military helicopter.

J Michael Lenninger said he also saw the lights.

"I saw it at dusk, too," he wrote. "I think it was a fighter jet doing maneuvers. Could have been one of those stealth airplanes. Never saw two blinking white lights like that on either end of a wingtip."

What strange unexplainable things have you seen around town recently?


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