Talk About Town: Why Do You Drive Your Student to School?

Should there be more directions and enforced rules in school parking lots to help with safety and congestion?

This week is National School Bus Safety Week and according to a press release from the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department, school buses are the "most environmentally friendly and safest choice for transporting students."

They are also a way to help reduce congestion around schools, according to the press release.

Many parents, however, still choose to skip the bus and transport their own children to and from school on a regular basis. 

Hartland resident Kim Porath is one of those parents.

With one child at Farms Intermediate and one at the high school, Porath says she has been dropping off and picking up her children for the past five years with reasons being issues on the bus and time factors.

“Why have your kids on the bus for 45 minutes to an hour when you live five minutes away,” she said.

Calling that time “unnecessary” Porath chooses instead to deal with what can sometimes be "frustrating" congestion at both schools.

Some of the more dangerous moments also come from parents who choose not to follow the rules, according to Porath, who encourages parents who drive to pay attention to things such as:

  • Not ignoring school officials trying to direct traffic.
  • Pulling to the end of the line before dropping off.
  • Not parking on the exit side of the lane during pick-up.

Porath admits that if less parents drove their kids to school, their would be less congestion. Due to her flexible work schedule, however, Porath says she will continue to drive her children so they are able sleep later in the morning and are home earlier in afternoon.

So, Hartland Patch wants to know: Why do you drive your student to school? Should there be more directions and enforced rules in school parking lots to help with safety and congestion?

Tell us in comments.

In this Thursday morning feature, we want to hear your opinions about certain topics making headlines. We'll be looking for your feedback in the comment section weekly. And we want to know what the Talk About Town is in your circles. Email Tatum at tatum.ryan@patch.com and it could be a topic of a future Talk About Town.

Tina Wilkin October 25, 2012 at 03:01 PM
Location of the bus stop is dangerous. It is located on Old Us23 and in the am it is very dark and anyone can swerve or worse, see that my daughter is standing their alone. I will continue to drive her to high school until she can drive.
Val Lounsbury October 25, 2012 at 03:42 PM
Having a disability license plate, the drivers picking up their kids are always blocking my parked car. They have total disregard for handicap parking places, and can get downright nasty when asked to move. I thought it was against the law to block handicap parking spaces. The school security isn't much help either. Even with available parking parents ignore the "no parking and no standing signs", so why even have them?
Kathy West October 25, 2012 at 04:10 PM
Although Ore Creek traffic runs quite smoothly, a "drop off zone" would be beneficial. Pulling a couple car lenths past the front door would allow more drop offs at one time. This zone would also make parents aware that they should be dropping off a few cars lengths before the front door. There are some kids that exit cars before, while others wait until they are directly front and center of the door. This can be a safety hazard when you have cars behind you where kids have already exited. A drop off zone would bring a more continuous flow and possibly alleviate traffic backups on Hartland Road.
Laura Bickel December 09, 2012 at 04:39 AM
Although the bus picks up right at my driveway, the thought of having my child on the bus for an hour in the morning is just not appealing. Not to mention, I remember some of the things that took place on the bus when I was a kid and hearing that it is much worse now with what some kids pick up in the media - just don't see my kid being on the bus anytime the ride is going to be more than 15 to 20 minutes.


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