Talk About Town: Will New Speed Bumps Help With Traffic Control?

Hartland High School recently installed speed bumps throughout their school parking lot. Do you think the new additions will help keep drivers safe?

With the first day of school just weeks away, new speed bumps have been installed throughout the parking lot.

After an accident involving Hartland High School security guard Sue Hazzard, who was struck by a school grounds in May, the new speed bumps may be a welcome addition to some drivers, since some community members expressed a concern over possible high speeds in the parking lots.

The Livingston County sheriff's department investigated the high school parking lot accident and the teen driver is now believed to have been "" just moments before and passing out at the wheel, losing control of his vehicle.

Hartland Patch wants to know, do you think the addition of the new speed bumps will be enough to help with the safety in the high school parking lot? Should other measures be taken directing drivers in and out of school grounds?

Tell us in comments.

In this Thursday morning feature, we want to hear your opinions about certain topics making headlines. We'll be looking for your feedback in the comment section weekly. And we want to know what the Talk About Town is in your circles. Email Tatum at tatum.ryan@patch.com and it could be a topic of a future Talk About Town.

Karen Dudek August 09, 2012 at 10:43 AM
The speed bumps are a huge step forward in keeping the parking lot safer but nothing will ever be enough, especially in the case from last school year. Drugs seems to be the cause of that accident. But, the speed bumps will slow down the everyday speeding that occur daily after school. I have driven over the new speed bumps already and if you hit those with any speed you will be doing some damage to your car.
Tom Sienkowski August 09, 2012 at 04:18 PM
The bumps will help slow down cars, but HHS parking lot is one of the worst examples of traffic flow I have ever witnessed. My kid's car was hit in two different accidents last year, where all the cars have to pinch out through two small openings to get to the main outlet circle. The school security officer said its almost a daily issue where somebody gets hit. It's a nightmare for the kids every day to get out in less than 30 min. Something needs to be done to improve the flow of cars out of the lot, to eleviate the congestion. Opening exit to football stadium side helped at end of last year, but not sure if this is permanent, and is not enough to fix the bottleneck problem.
Angela August 10, 2012 at 05:50 PM
Yes, the speed bumps are a good idea to slow traffic down, but I have to agree with Tom - the parking lot's traffic flow needs to be re-engineered. I've been driving for 30 years, and I simply dread dropping my son off in the mornings. The kids aren't the worst drivers in the mornings - it's the adults pushing their way back out of the lot who are the real hazard.


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