100-Year-Old Grave Dug Up in Marion Township Cemetery

The following information was supplied by the Livingston County Sheriff's Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Police responded to a call at Marion Township Hall on Oct. 23 to reports of a grave being dug up in Green Cemetery, located in Marion Township, according to a police report.

Marion Township Clerk Tammy Beal informed police that the township owns the cemetery, and she believed that the grave was disturbed sometime between Oct. 15 and Oct. 22.

The report said that Beal also told police that the grave is approximately 100 years old and belonged to a young girl.

It is unknown if there was a coffin or body in the grave, according to the report.

Police investigated the burial site and found a light bulb shaped hole dug in the ground approximately 5-feet long and 3-feet wide and 2 to 3-feet deep. The headstone appeared to be very old and police were unable to determine who it was for or what it said, according to the report.

Police said while they couldn't determine if an animal dug the hole, it did not appear likely as several roots in the hole had marks from a tool or cutting device.

Obama graffiti covers Romney campaign sign

Police were dispatched to the corner of I-96 and Chilson Road in Howell on Oct. 28 to answer a complaint of a damaged billboard, according to a police report.

The billboard contained a campaign sign for Mitt Romney and someone had covered most of the billboard with Obama graffiti, the report said.

The side that had graffiti faces west so eastbound traffic can see it. The billboard sign's owner told police that he had several other campaign signs in the area, but they were not defaced by Obama graffiti.

Power supply stolen from Howell school

A universal power supply was stolen from Latson Road Elementary School in Howell on Oct. 24, according to a police report.

Police said someone broke into the school through a window on the southeast side of the building using a Wilson iron club head. The iron club head was found inside the building, about a foot from the window, the report said.

Another window was broken on the interior, where the universal power supply was stolen from. The report said there have been several incidents of destruction of property since the school closed two years ago.

The universal power supply was valued at approximately $800.

Man damages cash registers

An man broke into Bordines Nursery in Genoa Township on Oct. 23 and damaged five cash registers by trying to pry them open with a pry bar, according to a police report.

Bordines' video surveillance showed the man was wearing a dark hoodie and gloves and carrying the pry bar. The video showed the man walk to the cash registers and pry them open, then bust the office door window before exiting the building, according to the report.

Police said they were unable to determine how the man entered the building. Nothing was missing from the store.

Man switches price stickers

An 18-year-old Brighton man was arrested on charges of retail fraud at the Genoa Township Walmart on Oct. 24 after taking a PS3 controller and replacing the price sticker with that of a 97-cent cat bowl sticker, according to a police report.

A Walmart Loss Prevention employee told police she saw the man switch the stickers, then head to the self checkout lane. The item rang up for 97 cents and the man paid with his debit card. She then made contact with him and escorted him to the loss prevention office, the report said.

The controller's original price was $54.96.


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