Honor Our Soldiers this Memorial Day

Sgt. Mark Thompson tell us to remember to say thank you to those who have served.

For many of us Memorial Day is more than just a holiday. It’s a time our country has set aside to remember our military personnel, those living and those who have passed on, who served in our military and to thank them for their service.  

So if you’re at one of the many parades, in a restaurant or walking in a store and you see a person in uniform or with one of those baseball caps with the ship or unit they served with, just stop and say, “thank you for your service.”  They will understand and appreciate that you took the time.   

To all our veterans’, thank-you for your service and sacrifice for our country and our freedom.   

Austin just moved into the Hartland area and said he researched crime statistics in the area before moving and knows Hartland is a relatively safe area.  But Austin knows even the best area has crime and asks, what kind of crime should he be watchful for?

First, I want to welcome Austin and his family to Livingston County.  I live in Livingston County and think it is a great place to live and raise a family.  

We have a plethora of things to do here with our parks, lakes, variety of restaurants and entertainment.  We have great schools that offer a vast variety of educational opportunities.  A person or family can live in a rural or suburban setting and we are close to various major metropolitan areas and all the positive things offered in those areas.  

That’s not to say we don’t have crime in Livingston County, but we also have well trained police officers to respond to those crimes.  In Livingston County the types of crime most easily prevented by homeowners are the larcenies (thefts).   All you have to do is make sure your homes, garages and vehicles are secure and locked.   

Most larcenies are “crimes of opportunity,” which means the person committing the crime is not wanting to work hard but is looking for easy access to steal something.  Unlocked vehicles, garages and homes offer ample opportunity for these types of criminals.  To prevent many of these types of crimes, just to secure your property and lock your doors.

Another great way to prevent crime is to get to know your neighbors.  Neighbors who watch out for each other and will take the time to look at strangers and their vehicles are a great deterrent to crime.  Most criminals don’t like it when people look at them.  

So once you get to know your neighbors, let them know its ok, and appreciated, for them to look at strange people or vehicles on your property or even traveling on your street or road.  And that you will do the same.  And if it’s just you in a different car, it’s a great opportunity to wave and say hello.

If you, or your neighbor, happen to see something strange, and think it should be investigated, call 911.  A good witness that can describe what is happening and the criminal(s) are priceless.  I’ll be honest, there is a special feeling when you have a neighbor sees something strange, calls the police and we arrive to find the criminal(s) still at the scene.  This happens because the criminal(s) didn’t think anyone would get involved.  

That being said, I advise for nobody to confront another person, on someone else’s property, because they think the person doesn’t belong there.  All sorts of things can happen, all of them are bad.  The police get paid to meet strange and interesting people; we are trained and know the law.  Just call 911 and be a great witness and neighbor.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does” ~ William James 

If you have a question, please send it to  HYPERLINK "mailto:askatrooper12@gmail.com" askatrooper12@gmail.com or mail it to the Michigan State Police – Brighton Post, 4803 S. Old US-23, Brighton, MI   48114.


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