Expect More Police Patrols Wednesday Night

Remember to practice safe driving - no drinking and driving - on the biggest bar night of the year.

Local law enforcement agencies are increasing their number of patrols Wednesday night - the unofficial 'biggest bar night of the year.'

The Michigan State Police, Livingston County Sheriff's Department and the Brighton Police Department will all have increased patrols - in car and by foot - and some beginning as early as 8 p.m.

Last year, 166 people were arrested statewide for alcohol-related offenses between 6 p.m. Wednesday and 4 a.m. Thanksgiving morning, according to the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning (OHSP). Five of those arrests occurred in Livingston County.

Livingston County Sheriff Bob Bezotte said that while he's heard how Wednesday night is supposedly the biggest bar night of the year, he doesn't think there's any more activity than there is on other holiday nights such as New Year's Eve or St. Patrick's Day.

"I think awareness and telling people that we're going to be out there is a deterrent," he said. "It doesn't deter everybody, but letting them know about the exta patrols gets them thinking about the consequences of drinking and driving.

"If people choose to drink and drive, and get behind the wheel, then we're going to address those issues, Bezotte said. "But we also need to address continued education of the negative aspect of drunk driving. There's nothing worse for us to get on the scene and see that people are injured or killed because of negligence of a drunk driver - that's been one of my pet peeves my whole career."

Numbers for local Taxi services include:

Do you have any plans to celebrate the 'biggest bar night of the year?'

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