Hartland Middle School Student in Possession of Stolen Items

Teenager could receive possible ramifications from the school.

A 13-year-old year Hartland student may be responsible for consuming alcohol and having other stolen items from school and neighboring houses and cars, according to Livingston County Sheriff Bob Bezzotte.

On May 20, a 911 call was placed to the Livingston County Sheriff's department by the teenager’s father, according to Bezzotte. The father had woken up to the sounds of his son walking around the house around 2 a.m.

“The father called and indicated his son was intoxicated and had items in this bedroom that didn’t belong to him,” Bezotte said. 

Several bottles of liquor, cigarettes, credit cards and iPods were among some of the items discovered in the teenager's bedroom that are believed to be stolen from his neighbors, according to Bezotte. One iPod was later discovered to have been stolen from the locker room of the .

After given a breathalyzer, the 13-year-old blew a .67, which indicated he had drank large amounts of alcohol, according to Bezotte.

“The officer could tell he had been consuming alcohol based on the odor, his gait, the way he was conducting himself," Bezotte said of the officer's accounting of the interview with the minor.

The teenager was never taken into custody, but released to his parents and will be petitioned to juvenile court for various violations.

Since the iPod is believed to have come from the Hartland Middle School, there could be some school ramfications as well, accoridng to Bezotte.

Hartland Patch is waiting for a response from superintendent Janet Sifferman.

Nancy May 23, 2012 at 08:44 PM
Is that correct .67 BAC? Legally drunk is .08, .67 would be death, especially with a youngster. Either way, kudos to the parents for making the tough phone call that they made.
Kathleen Laitila May 24, 2012 at 05:23 AM
Absolutely, the parents should be praised for loving their son so much they called the police. More parents should follow their example. This young man needs help and hopefully by his parents actions, it will be made available to him.
Angela May 24, 2012 at 03:49 PM
A 13 year old staying out until 2 am stealing and drinking certainly has some issues that need to be addressed, but the police aren't family counselors, and the criminal justice system isn't rehab. No way would I ever call the cops on my own kids.
Laura Bickel May 24, 2012 at 08:41 PM
There is no doubt that the police are not family counselors nor is the criminal justice system rehab. But, truly loving someone is helping them to be accountable for their actions before the consequences are even more severe. The fact that this boy's father loves him enough to help him be accountable for his actions is the first step and hopefully the justice system will see that and help the ENTIRE family get the help they need. This child's issues are not his alone to bare - they rarely are. There is usually a deeper issue and if that is true in this case the justice system will lead them to the resources to help them while recovering the victims of thefts items. Better Dad turn him in than the neighbors press charges separately... Don't you think Angela?


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