Candidate Q&A: State House Representative Cindy Denby

Cindy Denby (R), is running in Aug. 7 primary for re-election for the 47th State House District.

To kick off election coverage, Hartland Patch has sent out a survey to candidates running for office to represent Hartland. The following is the Q&A response from current Representative Cindy Denby.

Patch: How long have you lived in Livingston County?

Denby: I was born in Howell and have been a life-long resident of Livingston County.

Patch: What community/civic organizations are you currently involved in?

Denby: I am a member of the:

  • Howell Chamber of Commerce 
  • Hartland Chamber of Commerce 
  • Fowlerville Business Association
  • Farm Bureau 
  • Michigan Equine Partnership 
  • Livingston County Republican Party
  • Livingston County Republican Women 
  • I am a supporter and a contributor for Salvation Army, LACASA, United Way, Family Impact Center, 4-H youth, The Connection for Youth (located in Howell), Kreeger Cafe (located in Fowlerville)

Patch: What personal and professional experiences make you qualified to hold that position?

Denby: I have served as the 47th district state representative for two terms and also served as a legislative aide six years for Rep. Joe Hune.

During my nine years of experience in the legislature, I have successfully worked thru the legislative process on legislation and individual issues that impact people of the 47th district. I have always maintained a good working relationship with many contacts as well as colleagues in the legislature. I have a good understanding on the state of Michigan budgets, and I have helped to successfully adopt balanced budgets for the past two years which included needed reforms and cuts in spending.

In addition, I have been a business owner/manager for over 20 years, and served as a local township official for 16 years.

Patch: What is the most important issue facing the county related to your position and what do you intend to do about it during your term in office?

Denby: As in the past two terms, my focus remains on the issue of our economy and jobs. I am proud of the fiscal responsibility shown during the current term where necessary cuts were made to maintain a balanced budget, while also starting to set aside funds for the state's long term liabilities.

I will continue to work towards reducing state regulations that are outdated or overreaching and look for better methods towards efficiency and cost reduction by utilizing tax dollars to their highest value. I will work to return more tax dollars to our residents thru the adopted schedule to increase individual income tax exemptions.

Patch: What is your stance on a part time Michigan legislature?

Denby: I would support changing the Michign legislature to part time. However, I feel it would be beneficial to modify term limits to 12 or 14 years which could be serving in the House or Senate. This would help to minimize outside interests driving policy decisions due to large changeover in members serving.

Rhianna Dilworth October 24, 2012 at 01:52 PM
Who decided 'through' is spelled 'thru'? No text-talk on Hartland Patch please.


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