Candidate Q&A: Mary Cafmeyer for Cromaine Library Trustee

Mary Cafmeyer is running for library trustee for the Cromaine District Library.


I have been married to René for almost 22 years and have two sons, Julian (a freshman at the University of Michigan) and Cameron (an 8th grader at Ore Creek).


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics & Computer Science from Lawrence Technological University.


I worked at Chrysler for over 24 years in various departments (Wiring, Vehicle Development and Program Management).  I had a brief “retirement” for two years and went back to the automotive industry last year.  I am contract for Toyota in Ann Arbor.

Patch:  What groups/organizations are you involved with in the community?

I have always been actively involved in my sons’ schools and lives, from VP of the parent/school organization, chair of fund-raising activities, home-room mom and general volunteer to soccer coach and biggest fan.  The Cromaine library board is my first civic board.

Patch:  Why are you running for a library board position and what relevant qualities/skills would you bring to the position?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my two years on the board and look forward to contributing further to the promotion of the library within the community.  My work experience, though focused on automotive, includes the types of skills that carry over to other industries and functions.  I have experience in planning, setting goals, managing programs, setting budgets, giving presentations, and more.  

Patch:  Are there any important issues facing libraries today, Cromaine in particular, that need to be addressed?

One of the biggest issues the library faces today is financial.  The library’s revenues have seen a sharp decline due to property values and taxes being reduced, as well as reductions from other contributions.  The library director and previous board were very proactive in addressing these issues and Cromaine is in a very good position for moving forward.

Another big issue for the library is trying to stay relevant in this era of constantly changing technology.  The director and board are looking ahead and have a strategic plan for the future.  Part of Cromaine’s vision includes investing in future generations and playing a big part in connecting to the community, offering much more than just the printed page.  As an avid user of the Cromaine Library, I want to be a part of its future and preserving its legacy.

Jackie November 06, 2012 at 01:34 PM
Yeah Mary!!! You have my vote : )


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