Livingston County Officials Confiscate Nearly $2,000 Worth of K2 in Hartland Township this Month

Officials encourage residents to be watchful and share tips regarding the sale of synthetic drugs in Livingston County.

With Gov. Rick Snyder signing a bill on Tuesday which outlawed K2, Spice and other synthetic drugs, Hartland Township commissioner Dave Domas says Livingston county officials will continue to remain vigilant and committed to keeping synthetic drugs from being sold in local businesses.

“The governor has signed this new legislation criminalizing this material and the sale of it and the use of it and it goes into effect July 1,” Domas said. “In the meantime, our health department edict still is in play and we have picked up a couple more stores since that initial sweep and confiscated material from them as well.”

On June 8, the Livingston County officials declared , also known as Spice, K2, LOL, OMG and Bath Salts, an imminent health danger and issued an emergency order .

Several businesses known for selling K2/Spice were raided, including the in Hartland where Livingston County sheriff Bob Bezotte confiscated about $1,500 to $2,000 worth of K2.

On Tuesday night, Domas and Bezotte both attended the Hartland Township meeting to give an update on the countywide sweep. The two officials also discussed plans that would continue to monitor and enforce the drug situation in the area.

“We’ll be conducting sting operations throughout the county,” Domas said. “We’ll still be checking and following up on all the leads that we get from school kids, parents and other interested and concerned citizens.”

Having involved and “watchful” residents, including teenagers, come forward and share tips about where or who may be selling the banned substances has been “very” helpful to the effort, according to Domas.

“We need the eyes and ears of the community to help us find these people who are doing this,” he said.

Mr. Fugate June 21, 2012 at 03:21 PM
So, why is marijuana the illegal drug again? The negative effects of 'pot' are far less than alcohol, tobacco, and now, the synthetic form of the plant that is illegal because...? So, other than the racially motivated reasons for which it was initially made illegal, why is marijuana illegal? Legalization would (1) save billions of dollars of tax payers money (2) stop a civil war in Mexico and (3) actually make a lot of money through taxation of bars,cafes, etc. which could be licensed to sell.


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