Hartland Voters of All Ages Head to the Polls

First-time voters and longtime veterans send similar message: Educate yourself and be heard.

People of all ages are coming out to vote this election in Hartland including first-time voters, lifetime veterans and everyone in between.

For two voters on opposite ends of the spectrum, however, the message is the same: Be educated and vote to have your voice heard.

Military veteran Chuck Donath, who said he is "pushin' 80," served his country for 33 years and said he has voted in every election since he was 18. He also stressed the importance of encouraging and educating the younger voters.

“It keeps track of how the country is running and it’s the only time you have control over who’s in office,” the retired Army veteran said.

Donath’s wife of 29 years, Katie, explained that her husband always enjoys exercising his right to vote. 

“He just loves someone to ask his opinion,” she said laughing. 

Voting in her first election, Taylor Enderle, 18, said that researching the issues was important to her.

“Ever since they started putting ads out, I’ve looked into it because you have to find out the truth,” she said.

Growing up, the 2012 Hartland High School graduate says that her parents taught her that voting was a privilege and a way to “get your say out there.”

Confident in her daughter's research, Enderle’s mother, Sandy said her daughter was "ready to vote."

Jill Weigman November 07, 2012 at 12:58 AM
So exciting to vote with my son today, (his first time), I almost don't care who he voted for, just glad that he did a lot of reading and weighing and deciding to make his decision count. Proud day.


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