Helping Michigan Veterans Get Back to Work

Lawmaker who represents Hartland provides updates and views on various topics.

By Cindy Denby

Turning our state around and revitalizing our economy has been my priority since taking office and I'm proud of the progress we have made in the last year and nine months. Making our state an easier place to both provide a job and obtain a job is important to our success and the implementation of the new broad-based tax plan at the start of this year did just that. We have seen the economic recovery beginning in our state, but there is still much more we can do to help get Michigan back on track.

The unemployment rate for our veterans is something that desperately needs to be addressed. Currently 16 percent of Michigan veterans are unemployed, which is far higher than the national average. In addition, 29.4 percent of post-9/11 veterans are unemployed.

This month I voted for legislation that will help get these veterans back to work faster. Many occupations in our state require residents to be licensed to work in those fields. Training and education are often required to earn these licenses, which can be a slow process. The bills that recently were approved in the House, allow for skilled training earned in the military to count when applying for a state license for an electrician or a plumber.

It also allows military police officers to become private security guards. Veterans hold these positions in extremely demanding conditions, and certainly can do so once returning home to civilian life. Allowing their hard-earned experience to count when applying for a license should help get these heroes back to work faster.

Paperwork should never be the reason holding someone back from employment. This legislation is an example of a common-sense reform and I'm proud to vote for efforts to help get our veterans back to work. The bills are currently being considered in the Senate and hopefully will make it to Gov. Snyder's desk soon.

If you have any questions or need assistance with any state issues, please contact me toll free at 866-828-4863 or via e-mail at cindydenby@house.mi.gov.


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