Incumbent Sheriff Wins Race for Livingston County

Unofficial results for Livingston County show Bob Bezotte won the race for sheriff.

With 63 out of 79 precincts being reported, unofficial results show incumbent sheriff has won the race for Livingston County sheriff.

Currently with more than 10,000 votes, Bezotte has taken over a strong lead against his two opponents, former sheriff's deputy  and retired Michigan State Police Lt. .

Thanking the residents of Livingston County for their “vote of confidence,” Bezotte said he was honored to be their sheriff.

“It was an overwhelming experience going out and talking with the voters,” Bezotte said. “We just got such a great response and met so many great people and I just wanted to thank everybody.”

and road patrol were two of the issues Bezotte said he would be focused on during his next four years as sheriff.

“Our deputies are doing a pretty good job under difficult circumstances,” Bezotte said. “We’ve lost 18 certified deputies but they continue to do a fabulous job, so we’re going to hang on until the budget and the economy turns around and we’ll see what happens.”

The other big focus, Bezotte said, would be the drug issues in the community, specifically mentioning K2 and the community’s response to the problem.

“I’m very impressed with the coalitions- the Hartland, Pinkney, Howell, Fowlerville coalitions- coming together to try and keep K2 and the other drugs out of our county,” he said.

Renee Bezotte Yuen August 08, 2012 at 11:38 PM
Congradulation Bob .... From Renee (Bezotte) Yuen


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