Lake Tyrone Residents Voice their Complaints Over Possible Sewer System

Hartland township agreed to table a resolution regarding the Lake Tyrone sanitary sewer system.

Approximately 40 residents of Tyrone Township on Lake Tyrone attended the Hartland Township Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday night to express their frustration and opinions regarding a potential sewer project that would affect their neighborhood, which includes 194 homes.

The project, one of three options and labeled "Project 1," would connect the Lake Tyrone system to the Livingston County Sewer System.

It is the most expensive of the three projects presented, and the one the drain commission is recommending. 

Lake Tyrone resident Deborah Johnston told the board that the residents are aware the fields in their current system are “aging and will need to be addressed,” but that they would also not be “bullied by the drain commission by imposing their will on the residents.”

“We the people would like to choose the option that the Michigan DEQ has identified … that we may install additional onsite wastewater treatment and disposal facilities,” she said, referring to the option titled "Project 3."

County Drain Commissioner Brian Jonckheere explained to the board that the deadline to be considered for state funding was Aug. 31, but the language in the proposed resolution would only cover Project 1 and could not be changed to cover Project 3.

“When we submitted it we didn’t have other options,” he said. 

Jonkheere also explained that while all three options presented were viable and would be in compliance with DEQ standards “for now” but there could be risk that Project 3, which is the choice for Lake Tyrone residents, would not be so in the future.

There is also a concern, according to Jonckheere, that by not meeting the state deadline and by not accepting the state funding for this quarter, the decision might jeopardize the county’s chances in the future to receive funding for the project.

“If we drop out of this cycle, after awhile your chances are reduced,” he said.

After listening to comments from the public, the board decided to table the resolution until its next meeting. 

“Now we have options that we’re aware of,” trustee Joe Colaianne said. “It seems to me, it makes sense to go through that project plan process again and identify the other alternatives.”

The next meeting for the Hartland Township will be on Aug. 21 at 7 p.m.

Curtis Ball August 10, 2012 at 03:19 PM
After sitting through the board meeting at Tyrone twp last evening. I was made very aware that both county and township attorney's were present and we as a tax payer's had no counsel. Through our taxes we pay these attroney's. But we stand there alone defending the right to keep our existing sewer system. We have petitioned our residents and with 64% which is well over the majority. Isn't ironic that we pay for attorneys who only defend our officials. Thank you, Curtis Ball


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