Large Morning Voter Turnout at Hartland Polls on Election Day

Hartland voters flooded the polls early, some residents waiting over an hour to cast their votes.

Tuesday, 8:30 a.m.

Hartland voters came out in force Tuesday morning as many residents tried to get their civic duty done early today.

"I have too busy of a day," said Hartland voter Elaine Gariel who was able to cast her vote before 8 a.m. "If I didn't do it now, I wasn't going to get it done."

Voters were lined up around the building this morning before the polls had even opened, according to Hartland Township clerk Larry Hopkins, and the steady stream of voters lasted throughout the first hours the polls were open.

Hartland residents Aaron and Janee Skomial were voters 519 and 520 this morning in precinct 2 and the couple said they waited for approximately an hour and half this morning to vote. 

With their voting line stretched out the door and down the long hallway, Janee Skomial admitted they were surprised by the heavy morning turn out.

“Normally when we come here we’re in and out in 15 -20 minutes,” Janee Skomial said. “We’ve never waited like this.”

Gabriel, who was voter number 83 in precinct 5, says luckily her line moved quickly and she was done in 15 minutes.

“When we walked in the door we thought, oh jeez, but then we found out we had to come over here,” Gabriel said. “Don’t go to precinct 2."

For some voters, however, the longer than usual wait was a good sign.

"This is a good thing," Hartland voter Jennifer Whitbeck said. "It's how it should be."


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