Michigan Primary Election 2012

All you need to know for the special election Tuesday.

5:15 p.m. A total of 1,646 people have voted from Hartland. Poll workers say that their has been a consistent and steady stream of people, but never crowded and no lines.

  • Precinct 1- 235 ballots
  • Precinct 2- 321 ballots
  • Precinct 3- 453 ballots
  • Precinct 4- 328 ballots
  • Precinct 5- 309 ballots

9:00 a.m. It's been a light turn-out so far in Hartland for the Republican presidential primary, according to Larry Hopkins. 

"There's usually a little flood right at 7 (a.m.), of people getting in to vote before they go to work," Hopkins said. "Then it kind of tapers off after that."

Hopkins said he didn't know what to expect throughout the rest of the day, but attributes some of the light morning crowd to the number of absentee voters- approximately 900- who requested ballots.

Hartland voters in all five precincts will vote in the gym at the r and the Republican Party ballot will include several primary presidential candidates, even some who have withdrawn because they missed the deadline to be taken off the ballot.

It will look something like this:

Michele Bachmann REPUBLICAN Herman Cain REPUBLICAN Newt Gingrich REPUBLICAN Jon Huntsman REPUBLICAN Gary Johnson REPUBLICAN Fred Karger REPUBLICAN Ron Paul REPUBLICAN Rick Perry REPUBLICAN Buddy Roemer REPUBLICAN Mitt Romney REPUBLICAN Rick Santorum REPUBLICAN Uncommitted

Meanwhile, the Democratic ballot will include only President Barack Obama.


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