Romney Wins Hartland in Presidential Primary

Here are your results from Tuesday's primary election.

The results are in for Hartland in an election that Hartland Township supervisor, Larry Hopkins called a "light" day at the polls from voters.

"Lighter than anything other than a school election," Hopkins said referring to voter turn out. 

With Romney receiving 996 votes, he was the clear winner in Hartland over Rick Santorum who came in with 801 votes. Ron Paul received 240 votes and Newt Gingrich had 166.

The results from Hartland for the primary election on Feb. 28, 2012:

Precinct Gingrich Paul Romney Santorum 1    47 54 235 181 2   39 30 162 172 3   26 68 223 199 4 32 51 205 143 5 22 37 171 106 Total 166 240 996 801



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