Rogers and Denby Vote for Landmark Freedom to Work Legislation

New law would give workers opportunity to choose.

State Reps. Bill Rogers and Cindy Denby today (Dec. 11) voted for historic legislation giving all Michigan workers the freedom to earn a living without being compelled to join a union or pay union fees or dues.

Senate Bill 116 and House Bill 4003 allow government and private workers in Michigan to seek employment without being forced to pay union dues. The legislation would make paying union dues optional for workers, while still giving unions the ability to collectively bargain.

"Everyone deserves the right to join or not join a union and today with this vote, Michigan workers will have that right," said Rogers, R-Brighton. "I am supporting Freedom to Work because Michigan workers deserve the right to make their own choice. Workers deserve to be in charge of their own lives and careers and Freedom to Work gives every worker in our state that chance."

The legislation does not affect collective bargaining, as it is already enshrined in law.

"Freedom to Work is about restoring fairness and opportunity to Michigan workers and making sure no one is forced to join a union to get or keep a job," said Denby, R-Handy Township. "After today, workers will enjoy the rights and freedoms that residents in 23 other states already enjoy. The time to restore freedom of choice to the workplace was long overdue and I'm extremely proud that we are sending this historic change for Michigan's workers to Gov. Snyder today."

The Freedom to Work measures would not apply to law enforcement personnel and firefighters, who are covered under the binding arbitration of Public Act 312.

The information was supplied in a press release from the Michigan House Republicans.

Mike December 15, 2012 at 01:25 PM
Representative Rogers makes a good point, the citizens of Michigan deserve the right to chose. We should be able to chose if we want to pay taxes to the State. Using the RTW logic this would force government to be responsible with spending. If they offer a good product, I'll join in by paying taxes. If not I'll opt out. BRILLIANT !!! How soon before we see Reps Rogers and Denby sponsor this type of bill?


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