Township Approves New Zoning Ordinance Format, Eagle Scout Candidate Recognized

The new "cutting-edge" technology for the Hartland Township Zoning Ordinance was approved during Tuesday night's township meeting.

The Hartland Township Board of Trustees voted unanimously on Tuesday night to approve the adoption of a re-formatted, digital version of Hartland Township Zoning Ordinance. 

According to Hartland Planning Director Dave Campbell, although the content is basically unchanged, thanks to new web-based technology, the format is more user-friendly.

“The zoning ordinance is simplified, it’s graphics-based and it’s interactive,” Campbell said. 

Created by Clearzoning, Inc., the new format will be available on the township website and allows users a more interactive experience when searching through the “complicated” zoning document.

Hartland is the first community in Livingston County to adopt the new technology, according to Township Supervisor Bill Fountain.

Trustee Matt Germane said the new format was a “vast improvement” from the previous version the township had and trustee Joe Colaianne called it “cutting-edge” and “a great tool” for the community.

The ordinance will still be available as a paper document for those who want it, but users preferring the digital version can access it through Adobe reader on their computers or tablets. 

Possible future presentations to the Hartland Chamber of Commerce and general public may take place in the future to bring awareness to the new technology.

“I think it needs to get that attention,” Colaianne said. “I think this is a tool that really does help, not just the business community but the residents as well.”

Hartland Eagle Scout Candidate Recognized for Service Project

The Hartland Township Board of Trustees recognized a candidate for Eagle Scout, Estin Cantrell of Holly, during their Tuesday night meeting for work completed in Hartland for his project.

With Cantrell’s grandfather being a longtime resident of Hartland, the Boy Scout decided to complete his service project in Hartland, replacing the decaying roof on the well house at the Hartland Cemetery. 

The Board of Trustees presented a proclamation, thanking Cantrell for his work.


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