Farms Students Organize District Wide Pink Out Day

Hannah Kenrick and Lauren Pouliot are asking all Hartland students to wear pink on Friday and donate $1 for breast cancer awareness.

Two young students at Farms Intermediate are joining the fight against breast cancer and are asking their fellow students to join in.

Hannah Kenrick and Lauren Pouliot are organizing a district wide Pink Out Day this Friday and are asking every Hartland student to wear pink and donate $1 to the cause.

Hannah came up with the idea to support her own grandmother who battled the disease and asked her friend Lauren to join her.

“We thought it would be cool because I had a grandma and grandpa that had cancer and breast cancer runs in my family and I know someone who died of cancer,” Lauren said. “So we thought this would be cool if everyone would do it so we could say we are helping to fight breast cancer.”

Friday will also be Friendship Day at Farms, so Lauren and Hannah say they know many of their classmates will be wearing purple or pink that day, but hope that all the schools in the district will show their support.

The girls are also hoping to make Pink Out Day an annual event at Hartland Schools.

“We know we can make a difference with it,” Hannah said. “And it helps people.”

Lauren also says that having the annual Pink Out Day will show the community’s support for the disease.

“We should support it and go all out and wear pink,” she said. 

Other local groups such as the HYAA football league have already shown their support by wearing pink socks this month and Friday night's high school football game against Walled Lake Nothern will also be a Pink Out event.

Money raised from the Hartland Schools Pink Out Day will go towards the Susan G. Komen for the Cure or the American Cancer Society. 


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