Hartland First Graders Participate in 'Food Fight'

First graders at Creekside Elementary helped raise food for Gleaners Community Food Bank just in time for Thanksgiving.

Three classrooms of first graders at Creekside Elementary participated in a "Food Fight" to see which class could raise the most food for Gleaners Community Food Bank.

"I almost filled up half the box," six-year-old Karissa said. 

Karissa, who is in Jennifer Delo's class, along with her classmates Cameron and Karolina said it felt "good" to bring the food in for Gleaners and explained that it was important to help people during Thanksgiving.

"They will suffer if they don't have food," Karissa said.

The first-graders in Delo's class competed against the two other first grade classes of Jenna Banish and Lauren Denton.

With so many donations coming in, however, the classes lost track of how much was donated and instead called each class a winner.

"We filled four full buckets – almost to overflowing – with cans, boxes, bags of food," Delo said in an email to Hartland Patch. "We decided that although there was a "food fight" between classes, we were all winners because we all spread the nice by bringing in food for people who are less fortunate than us."

There is still time to help to Gleaners before Thanksgiving by donating online. Help Patch fight hunger in Hartland by giving through the Gleaners Community website.


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