Hartland Schools February 'Did You Know' Edition

A brief summary of recognitions and events that took place in Hartland schools.

By Hartland Schools

Hartland High School

Hartland High School World Language Department just finished putting on World Language Week, which exposed students to languages, music, food, and culture from all over the world.  

This award-winning program has become an annual point of pride for the HS and students have many opportunities to explore a variety of cultures. 

Did you know that the Hartland High School class officers, along with Principal Mainka, hosted the first ever “State of the School” address on February 12? 

This address was open to parents, students and community members and shared insights into what has been happening at HHS as well as insights into future plans and changes that will impact students in the classroom.


Many of Hartland’s finest teachers, administrators and support staff – past & present – once worked at Legacy High School:  Dave Farner, Peggy Fulcher, Bill Cain, Paul Scheidler, Gerry Bliznik, Mandy Mach, Kathy Williams, and Brian Morrison. 

Thirty years of Legacy High School – 1983-2013.

Hartland Middle School

Hartland Middle School band director, Joe Guarr, is presenting at the Michigan Music Conference. 

The presentation will focus on how music teachers can use different types of social media to enhance or improve the professional development they are already experiencing.

Farms Intermediate School

Farms Intermediate School has an after-school leadership club.  The club is sponsored by Rose Naughton and Cristal Briskey and members include 37 caring, committed and responsible students who come together every other Monday to discuss leadership skills and how to be a role model.

The Leadership Club also takes pride in raising money for a different charity each month.  Charities are chosen by the students and this year have included:  St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Livingston County Red Cross, a Farms’ teacher battling cancer, and adopting two families through the Hartland Optimist Club during the holidays. 

Funds are raised through a variety of events including Hat Days, Bake Sales, Sucker Sales, The Change Challenge and other activities.  So far this year, they have raised over $3,200. 

Creekside Elementary School

The ever-popular LEGOs are helping to engage Creekside students in our after-school programs. Staff members Jill Mosack and Megan Hickman recently received a grant from Wal-Mart to start a Lego Club. 

Invited members participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and literacy activities, as well as social and communication activities. LEGOs are used to facilitate these engaging activities.  Additionally, Creekside parents Robin Wolfe and Jenny Chodyniecki organized four new Junior First Lego League teams.  These teams participate in hands-on programs designed to solve real-world challenges by research, critical thinking and imagination using LEGO elements. Many thanks to our staff, PTO and parents who make these programs possible for our students.  

Lakes Elementary School

Last year, we began our own character education program called Lakes Kids Care.  We focused on how we can all be everyday heroes and help one another understand what bullying is, how to avoid being a bully, and how to deal with bullying as a victim AND as a “powerful bystander.”  

This year our focus is how to “Share the Care” at Lakes Elementary.  We will be making videos of examples of students who “share the care” and reciting our new Lakes Kids Care Promise.  Students will be recognized each week for showing kindness and caring toward someone in the building. 

Thanks to our amazing art teacher, Shari Russano, for organizing our Lakes Kids Care bottle cap mural that was finally hung in our hallway, and also for organizing this year’s project of creating a rainbow of helping hands.  Each student will write something they did or will do to “Share the Care” on a paper hand and all 493 hands will create a rainbow mural in our hallway.  Lakes Kids Care.

Round Elementary School

Round has a new Lego League Club this year! 

There are 30 students participating on five teams. The purpose of Lego League is to encourage children to learn the value of teamwork and to respect everyone’s ideas and contributions to our team, while also discovering the fun in science and technology.  Each year, there is a new national challenge for the children to complete. 

This year, the challenge is “Super Seniors.”  Children will be designing models of products that can improve the quality of life for senior citizens. The season began with a trip to Village Manor to interview seniors and generate ideas.  This parent-led group is a great opportunity for our students to be creative and learn in a fun, team-oriented environment.

Village Elementary School

The Village PTO offers many opportunities for families to come to VES after school hours and participate in family fun night activities.  Most recently was our annual dinner and a movie night.  This is an annual event sponsored by the PTO to foster the family/school connection.  Dinner was provided at a minimal fee of $2.00 per person or the whole family package for $10.00.  

Dinner was purchased from Mexican Fiesta then offered to families at a very low price, much less than was spent in procuring the food.  After dinner families enjoyed a full length Disney movie in the comfort of our gymnasium at no cost. The turnout was fantastic; the event was enjoyed and appreciated by all.

The Village PTO tries to have a family night once a month, which promotes the culture of “school family” for which Village is known.


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