Hartland Youth Lacrosse Team Wins 'D-Town' Tournament

Fifth- and sixth-graders net victories over teams from Midland, Metro Detroit and Canada.

By Kim Rinna

The Hartland fifth and sixth grade boys lacrosse team went undefeated to take first place at the D-Town Tournament in Pontiac on Dec. 27. The boys won seven straight games to take the championship. They dominated teams from Midland, Grosse Pointe, Ann Arbor, Macomb, Saline, and Canada.

The tournament team is made up of some the of best HAYAA (Hartland Area Youth Athletic Association) lacrosse players from last spring/summer regular season team (fifth and sixth grade). This same tournament team took first place at the 18th Annual 7 X 7 Northville Tournament at Northville Community Park on Nov. 5. The team does not play in any other tournaments (at least not any that are scheduled) until they play together for regular season in the late spring.

Hartland Youth Lacrosse has spring registration scheduled for Jan. 11 from 6-8 p.m. at Hartland Middle School at Ore Creek for boys and girls in first through eigth grades. For more info visit the website: http://www.eteamz.com/HartlandEaglesLacrosse/news/.

Editor's note: Kim Rinna is a parent of one of the players.

Jordan Genso January 05, 2012 at 07:52 PM
"Every parent and player who participates in Hartland youth sports signs a code of conduct which expressly prohibits any public criticism of coaches, players and/or the league in any format." -Greg Light Am I the only one a little bothered by that idea? I'm the first to rebuke unwarranted criticisms (which unfortunately seem to be part of the zeitgeist), but to create policy that says *no* criticisms are even allowed irks me. Vocally and publically attacking coaches/players/individuals should be discouraged in our culture, but the league as a whole should be fair game. The onus is on the community to recognize which criticisms are valid, and which are not. And yes, I do recognize the how this comment is a criticism of that policy, and therefore the organization. Luckily I have not signed the Hartland youth sports' code of conduct :-)
Greg Light January 05, 2012 at 09:02 PM
Jordan, thank you for your comments and please note that I am more than willing to talk with you, and anyone else, to discuss the purpose and reasoning behind our code of conduct. However, you and others should understand that open communication from the parents is strongly encouraged to voice any and all concerns/complaints/critiscisms they may have, but in the proper forum. There is a protocol and procedure in place that is well communicated to all parents. Go to the coach with the concerns. If not settled there, then go to the commissioner/manager(if one exists in the sport) or the board. Every youth sport has an operating board to deal with all complaints and concerns not properly addressed to the parent's satisfaction, which is overseen by the Hayaa Executive Board. This includes general league criticisms as well. If a parent feels the operating board of a particular sport is not dealing with an issue correctly, it can be taken to the Executive Board. It really comes down to being adults and utilizing proper decorum and etiquette. Perhaps there are those who feel I crossed the line in that regard with some of my comments and for that I do apologize. Again, I am open to discuss this with anyone who has concerns or questions over our youth sports' policies. Most sports have them posted on the Hayaa web site. www.hayaasports.com
Hartland Area Resident January 13, 2012 at 07:25 PM
I am a long time Hartland resident and parent as well. I also have boys that participate in the HAYAA football league and, in general, think the board, the coaches, the parents, and players do a great job. I have very little to complain about with respect to how the league is run. To that end, however, my guess is that by now a few on this site wish they could take back their posts and their reactions (Mr. Light and Hartland Mom). We should congratulate these boys and this team for their accomplishment and leave it at that. If you have a son that gets little play time then perhaps you should evaluate the situation and move to a different team. Probably not a good idea to ridicule an entire organization once you have made the decision to move on. This is obviously a pretty competitive team and by your own admittance (Hartland mom) your son wasn't a very strong player - maybe seeking a new team that will allow him to develop and get more play time is what is needed without making these types of ridiculing posts about Hartland.
Hartland Mom January 31, 2012 at 05:04 PM
I made a earlier in January with the intention of just getting something off of my chest that has been bothering me. Upon making that comment (which Hartland Momma Bear copied and pasted) it brought a lot of anger and terrible things have been said. I just need to make it clear, whether anyone believes me or not, that this is not “J.P” or another name which Hartland Momma Bear posted and then deleted (I’m assuming due to the Code of Conduct that was signed by the parents and players). I backed off really quick and deleted all of my posts because everyone was all over who they thought this was. Take what you would like from this post. You never really know who is writing comments on these boards so assumptions cannot be made as to who the person really is. Per quote “Granted, had it been someone else, I would have responded differently,” - this is someone else and very disappointed in the way I was treated by you!
HARTLAND MOMMA BEAR January 31, 2012 at 07:53 PM
The original comment that you posted is still inappropriate and untimely - regardless of who you are! I responded to your comment not knowing who you were and I would respond the same again. You could have found a much better place (like a lacrosse board meeting) to voice your discontent than under the boys championship photo. Your stated disappointment in the way you were treated is uplifting to those of us who think it is well deserved - regardless of who you are!


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