Prom Proposals Just Like Hollywood Does It

Creative and surprise Prom proposals are becoming a popular new trend.

When senior Leanne Horning walked into her high school class at a few weeks ago, all eyes were on her.

Laughing nervously, Leanne completely missed the large wrapped present standing in the corner of the room.

A classmate ended up having to direct her from the back of the room telling her to open the "big box."

"Then I kind of knew it was coming," Leanne said. "After I saw the box."

What was coming was Leanne's prom proposal, with some Hollywood flair made famous in movies such as Disney's Prom that are creating a trend of "prom proposals."

From writing on cars to having "cheesy" pizzas delivered with Prom written on them, it is mainly the guys, according to Leanne, who are putting forth the effort to impress their would-be dates with public proposals.

Leanne's boyfriend of over a year, Hartland senior Nolan Gray, like many high school students these days, decided to take a page from Hollywood and ask his girlfriend to their final high school dance with style.

Wrapped inside the large box with a bouquet of flowers, Nolan waited patiently for Leanne to see her name on the box and lift the lid so he could then asked her the much-anticipated question.

The year before, as juniors, Nolan had made cookies with the word Prom spelled out on them, so this year's proposal was quite a surprise for Leanne who said she hadn't been expecting anything elaborate.

"It was some big intricate plan that I had no idea about," said Leanne who explained that the proposal was taped and then made into a movie for Leanne by Nolan. "He thought of it all by himself."

Prom proposals are becoming more popular, says Leanne who also says she enjoys this time of year and seeing how some of her friends and classmates are asking and being asked to the big dance.

"I actually love Prom season 'cause I have seen quite a few of them," she said. "It’s nice cause you see a girl carrying a bouquet of flowers and you’re like oh, she just got asked to prom."

When junior Marc Lopez decided to ask his girlfriend to the Prom, he even had the help of her family for his special moment.

"I was at a softball tournament and he set it up while I wasn’t home," sophomore Karly Wilczewski said. "My sister helped him set it up."

Karly's family then helped keep the secret until the right moment, when Marc called her cell phone and asked her to step out onto her bedroom balcony.

"So I opened my door and I looked out and saw Prom spelled out in Christmas lights," Karly said. "He was down there and he looked up and said, "Will you go to prom with me?""

Karly says she was surprised and impressed with her boyfriend for coming up with the idea -- also all on his own.

"Some people just did like posters or nothing really cute," Karly said. "I would say he gets like a 9 or a 10. He put a lot of effort into it, too."

Leanne, however, also agrees that her boyfriend's was the best proposal that she has seen.

"Nolan’s for me, kind of topped it," she said. "It was pretty good."

There may not be an agreement on who had the best Prom propsal, but both of these creative and well-planned proposals both ended with a happy "yes" and dates to Prom.

Kelly May 09, 2012 at 10:56 AM
It's really quite chivalrous and romantic. I do not know of any female that does not want to be pampered and treasured by her boyfriend. Good job boys!
sally miller May 09, 2012 at 12:42 PM
that's my wonderful grandson!!!
Laura Bickel May 09, 2012 at 02:12 PM
Too cute Nolan - I cannot believe that cute little boy next door is graduating this year and to have grown up to be such a romantic. Kudos Mom and Dad for raising such a neat young man! I'm impressed to read such nice things about both Marc and Nolan.


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