With Video: Round Teachers Reveal Readers Theater at Cromaine

Hartland Public Schools supports reading month on Mondays at the library during the month of March.

With silly costumes, big voices and favorite books, put on a successful and entertaining evening in support of Reading Month at the on Monday night.

With a couple hundred kids and parents squeezing into the children’s section of the village location, teachers and staff put on a show for the crowd that included a lot of laugher from their delighted audience.

“It’s so important for the kids to see their teachers outside of school,” said Jeanne Smith, Cromaine District Library's youth department head. “And it’s important to show them that their teachers think so much of them and so much of reading that they’re willing to do this on their own time, at night, after they’ve been teaching all day.” 

Reading and acting out from stories such as Rainbow Fish, The Library Dragon and Skippyjon Jones Lost in Spice, the teachers from Round are in their second year of performing a Readers Theater for their students, which has been a huge hit, according to Smith.

“Round always has the biggest turnout,” she said. "Their teachers are very involved, their principal is involved, the media specialist is involved. … And the teachers come out and support the public library.”

Round Elementary Principal Dave Minsker credits the creative storytime ideas to his staff, which then helps attract a large turnout for local families.

“I think it’s the relationship we have with our kids and our parents,” Minsker said. “They’ll come to things like this. Our staff goes out of their way to make sure there’s a personal touch in everything that we do and we all enjoy it.”

Bonnie Wolf, a Reading Support teacher at Round says that doing Reader’s Theater is a common way of helping to encourage children at Round to read and get involved. 

“At school we do Readers Theater all the time,” Wolf said. “And we find that kids who won’t sit down and read a book, they’ll sit down and read a script and act it out.

“I’m sure tomorrow we’ll have kids come and say, can we do something like that? They love it,” she said.

Dates for upcoming March is Reading Month events with Hartland teachers include:

  • March 12 - hosted by
  • March 19 - hosted by
  • March 26 - hosted by at the

No registration is required.


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