Spray-Painted Messages At Hartland High School Discussed on Twitter, Facebook

"‎24 will die on the 24th. 24 days until the seniors graduate," is one of the potential threats being heard around Hartland this morning.

Rumors that the number 24 spray painted around the campus signify a death threat have forced administrators to . 

"‎24 will die on the 24th. 24 days until the seniors graduate. This is what I heard," Kelly Bowren Burton ‎wrote on the Hartland Patch Facebook page this morning regarding the potential threat to Hartland students.

"My son was one of many who received a death threat text," Becky Shires Cwiek wrote on the Hartland Patch Facebook page. "It said May 24th Your First. They all said the same thing according to the police officer who called him last night. I think they will catch this person. We have four weeks until he graduates and just don't need this."

Hartland Schools sent out an automated message to parents at 5 a.m. this morning which said:

ATTENTION: School is CANCELLED for Tuesday, April 24, 2012 for Hartland High School ONLY. This includes any Community Education Activities that take place at the High School and the Pool.

In what may be an unrelated incident, Hartland schools posted a reward on their Facebook page regarding school vandalism on Friday which said:

"Hartland Schools is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the apprehension of the individuals responsible for the repeated vandalism that has taken place at Hartland High School. Contact Principal Hughes or Asst. Principal Lashbrook."

On Friday morning, pictures were taken by Hartland Patch of some of the spray painted messages and also the number 24 burned into the grass outside the front entrance of the school.

Principal Chuck Hughes, talking to Hartland Patch for a different interview, was guessing that the vandalism was a senior prank. May 24 is the last day for seniors.

Twitter feeds from Hartland students about the potential school shooting starting popping up Monday night as talk about the potential threats were discussed.

"Apparently there's gunna be a shooting as hartland high," tweeted Hartland High School senior Kaileigh Orr. "There was the number 24 spray painted on the school and there's rumors."

Kaitlan Welton tweeted, "Nobody at Hartland High better go to school tomorrow."

Parents of the surrounding schools are also concerned for the safety of their younger students as well.

"What about the surrounding schools?" questioned Hartland parent Robbie S. McDonnell on the Hartland Patch Facebook page this morning. "I don't want my young child on lock-down if there might be a crazy gunman or something. How credible is this threat?"

"I am just thankful they are taking this serious," Therese Cranick wrote on the Hartland Patch Facebook page. "My daughter goes there & it was all over FB & Twitter last night. All I heard was guns & a shooting on the 24th to represent the 24 spray-painted on the schools entrance. SCARY!!!"

Hartland High School was the only school closed the morning. There's been no mention of the other school in the district.

and are in the same complex as the high school.

According to other media outlets, superintendent Janet Sifferman will be meeting with the Livingston County's Sheriff's office later today to discuss the threats. Hartland Patch has a call into both sources for more information.

Hartland Girl April 25, 2012 at 05:07 PM
I personally know the person being accused. He is a good kid, is very sheltered (His mother works for the juvenile court and his father is a police officer). He is notorious for using apps online to send all of our friends "goofy" messages and this had caught on to other kids at school as well. The whole spray painting and vandalism thing was a completely seperate issue... We all showed up to school one day and were surprised to see it. Some of us didn't even notice it until it was on the PA and a reward was being offered. OF COURSE this became gossip and talk of the school "haha what a silly senior prank!" We all thought. The friend who got caught had sent out a chain text to a bunch of our friends and acquiantances trying to freak us all out (this is a common theme among us) all of us prank each other to some extent. We all received this text and most of us knew exactly who it was from and thought to ourselves "Wow... Was a retard, he so would send this." In school we had all been joking about the stupid "24" prank, having no clue who did it, so we thought it was funny and were saying "Ooo it was a ghost! We have a criminal miscreant here in Hartland who asks Chuck Hughes to prom."
Mary April 25, 2012 at 05:08 PM
I've been part and have witness a senior prank. A "prank" is supose to be funny, non threating. This was very threating. His parents must be going through #ell. What was he thinking. (he wasn't) This student srewed up, big time. He will pay dearly for it I'm sure. But stop and think how his parents feel right now. Like someone just punched them in the stomach. Dig real deep and find so compassion for his family. The SD will find out what happened and he could face jail time and/or fines. Bad things happen to good people too.
Hartland Girl April 25, 2012 at 05:08 PM
When the computer app text message was taken all too seriously and was misinterpreted and blown out of hand, of course gossip occured. Social networking can sometimes be a game of telephone... We've all played that game before. Its scary when you look at the level that this has reached. I know the guy personally and he probably feels really stupid and horrible about what happened and all of the worried people. This goofy, friendly guy who would do anything for friends, whose best friend is his little brother, and whose main priority is his puppy and mom..... Yeah, he's definitely a killer? Its horrible having to come to school and listen to peoples rumors about one of my best friends. This whole thing was a horrible horrible misunderstanding and it really makes me hate computers/texts/etc. I hope this brings some insight. Thank you..
sam April 25, 2012 at 07:00 PM
just reading the story its self realizing i just graduated in 2011 my first reaction was wow! another school shooting just what we need...not. and then i instantly thought right after that was...wait...this has to be one stupid but yet sick joke.
sam April 25, 2012 at 07:02 PM
and not only that but i think their intentions were to get the school closed just saying


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