When Are Hartland Schools' Holiday Vacations, Anyway?

Plan your Thanksgiving, Christmas and the rest of the holiday season with a quick look at when Hartland students will be in class or on vacation.

The beginning of November means the first marking period is winding down for Hartland students, meaning holiday breaks are ahead.

Whether you're staying home, going to grandma's house or planning a trip to somewhere warm this holiday season, here's a quick reminder of when the kids will be in class and when their holiday vacations begin:

Hartland Consolidated Schools


  • Nov. 6: Professional Development - Parent-Teacher Planning – no students  
  • Nov. 9  End of first marking period
  • Nov. 16:  Parent/Teacher Conferences during school day - no students 
  • Nov. 21-23: Thanksgiving Break - no school students or staff 


  • Dec. 24-31: Holiday Break, no school students or staff


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