Hartland Archery On Mark With Two More State Titles

Middle school, elementary teams collect crowns while high school finishes third.

By Rob Jellison —

The Hartland school archery teams won their sixth and seventh state championships that concluded earlier this month during the 2011 National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) State Tournament.

The team from the Hartland Middle School at Ore Creek won its fourth straight state championship and the elementary school team won its third straight state championship. The high school team finished third for its second year in a row. Every team shot more than 100 points higher from the previous year.

Invidividually, Sawyer Bulloch finished first in the boys elementary division and Chris Bee won the boys middle school division.

Overall, Hartland had six boys and eight girls in the top 20 for each gender classification. There were two male archers who finished in the overall top 5 in the state  — Chris Bee (third) and Zachery Triltsch (fifth). Emily Bee was the closet female archer Hartland was the highest female for Hartland with an eighth place.

Nearly 1,000 archers in state shot in a “virtual” tournament. This means all of the schools set up a time and location to shoot at. The coaches run their teams through an on-site tournament, verify all scores for accuracy and then send in the scores from that night to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the coordinator Mary Emmons. She then reviews all of the scores and sworn statements by the coaches and posts the winners on the NASP website.

The top 3 teams from each level each are awarded trophies, prizes, and an invitation to the National Tournament in Louisville, KY, in early May. The teams will be practicing three days a week at . The program welcomes all local businesses or community members to help with this trip to nationals. If you would like to contribute to help send these archers down nationals. To donate, call: 248-877-5883.

Top 20 finishes by division/gender
Elementary school male division (166 archers in this division) Place Out of a possible 300 Sawyer Bulloch  1st 280 Collin Pajot
 3rd 267 Tanner Behr
 4th 263 Derrick Loruss  6th 262 Drew Canny  7th 260 TJ Thompson  8th 256 Paul Tiano  10th 243 Brandon Sexton  11th 243 Dominick VanEss  14th 233 Cameron Sisco  15th 231 Collin Flatt  20th 225 Elementary school female division (107 archers in this division) Place  Out of a possible 300 Mackenzie Taylor  3rd 253 Sydney Vivian  4th 250 Tara Petersen  5th 249 Harper Peters  6th 249 Anna Fraser  7th 242 Mackenzie Wilson  8th 237 Riley Carter  14th 199 Middle school male division (120 archers in this division) Place Out of a possible 300 Chris Bee  1st 290 Jake Kantola  3rd 280 Brandon Thomas  4th 280 Noah Kurnik  8th 272 Justin Smith  9th 268 Jack Vivian  10th 266 Kevin Russell  11th 266 Jayson Nystrom  14th 265 Konlan Paul  15th 263 Jacob Rushak  17th 260 Jared Triltsch  20th 257 Middle school female division (81 archers in this division)  Place Out of a possible 300 Kara Micallef  2nd 277 Nicole Tschirret  3rd 276 Betty Jellison  4th 276 Jessie Hinkle  6th 266 Lyndsey Loruss  8th 258 Victoria Taylor  11th 243 High school male division (166 archers in this division)  Place Out of a possible 300 Zachery Triltsch  4th 289 Jon Betoski  10th 284 Chad Cooper  20th 276 High school female division (149 archers in this division)   Place Out of a possible 300 Emily Bee  7th 286 Katey Machala  13th 274 Shelby Simonds  14th 274 Dallas Brown  15th 274 Kari Kantola  16th 273 Overall Team Scores
Out of a possible 3600 High school division
Gaylord St. Mary 3415 Northwoods Christian 3361 Hartland High School 3303 Middle school Division
Hartland Middle School 3282 Kent City 2836 St. Francis Xavier 2681 Elementary school division Hartland
3075 Academy of the Americas
2282 Portage Central  2204

Editor's note: Rob Jellison teaches science at middle school and has been teaching archery in his class and running an after-school archery program for five years.

DANIELLE POPP March 16, 2011 at 01:03 AM
WAY TO GO ARCHERS!!! Nationals Here We Come!!!
Norma Machala March 16, 2011 at 11:32 AM
GO HARTLAND! Congratulations everyone!
Michelle Hermann March 17, 2011 at 11:40 AM
NICE JOB to all the Archers!!!


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