Annie Lane
Annie Lane is freelance journalist based in San Diego.  Her work has appeared in a variety of print and online publications throughout San Diego including San Diego Magazine, The OB Rag, and DiscoverSD.com.
Annie's publications cover a wide variety of topics including profiles of important community figures, investigative accounts of environmental problems, reviews of local dining establishments and recreational venues and descriptive accounts of her many travels. Annie grew up on a sailboat and was raised "throughout the world" as her family spent 6 1/2 years circumnavigating the globe.  They made their home in such exotic locales as many of the islands of the South Pacific and Atlantic oceans, as well as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.  This experience was influential in her development as a person and writer, encouraging her to explore, meet new people, and embrace a multitude of cultures and ideas.  A graduate of San Diego State University, she has focused her career on exploring the significant issues of the new millennium—the contributing members of our community, environmental, social and political concerns that impact our lives, and the beautiful places that exemplify our world, both local and abroad. She lives with her fiancé, their daughter and a host of wayward animals in Point Loma, and can sometimes be found scaling its hills on a long afternoon walk.
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