Molly Tippen
I've been a journalist for about 10 years, and I've loved almost every minute of it.
I've covered just about every beat during my career. I first covered commercial real estate at a specialty publication, then moved onto covering the auto industry. Finally, I covered municipal government at a group of weeklies here in Wayne County. When I'm not covering the news, I'm busy restoring my home, writing fiction and screenplays, and sewing. I love reading and art,  as well as spending time with my friends and family. POLITICS: I don't belong to a political party. I do believe that we need to get serious about third parties if we expect to break the gridlock on a national and local level. IMPORTANT ISSUE: The biggest challenge facing all local governments -- as well as the state -- is the sluggish economy. The priority of every official in the state should be getting people back to work. That alone would solve many other problems. RELIGION: I would describe myself as spiritual.  
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